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I have shown that a person is capable of living a selfless life  . Through my many decades of selfless living ten’s of thousands of children have been helped . Instead of claiming my rightful place in the family some 40 years ago I remained silent for the sake of others .


As I have said , public knowledge of my existence , I believe , would of had a devastating effect on the Danny Thomas name . This in turn would of had a severe transverse reaction toward the hospital thus affecting thousands of children .


I have often wondered , if the people mentioned here on these sites truly cared for the children of Saint Jude then why would they put so much effort into committing the criminal acts I have shown . It is only inevitable that nothing good could ever come from such acts .


These Thomas’s have lived their life a lie by living in denial .








Things are changing , changing for the better . In politics we have a Democratic majority and for the first time in my life we have a President who is for the people not just the more fortunate . Heads of corporations are being revealed for their criminal acts and are being brought to justice for their behavior . Politicians are going to court in record numbers and O J has finally been incarcerated .

It seems one is unable to clear a day without picking up a paper or turning on the news and viewing a story about another victim of theft or fraud by a major figure .   


For far too long people of wealth and power have had their way , but things are in fact changing . The world is getting smaller and we , the average people , now have a voice.


A thief is the scourge who stealthily walks among us . A thief is a person who puts on one face for the public while all the time is actually hiding the true colors stored in the bowls  of their soul .

Thieves steal and what they steal makes no difference to them as long as it benefits them personally .

But what of those who steal lives . We see it all the time , women who lie about an assault and a man goes to jail . In these cases , it is the years of the man’s life which has been stolen . What about the CEO who stole all the investors life savings , their 401s and stock options gone . It took years for these people to save for retirement and now have nothing . For these people it was the years they worked for nothing and for the years which they will need to still work to support themselves instead of basking in the twilight of their lives .  The Thomas’s are thieves of this kind .


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