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coincidence 7






Over the years I have had so many coincidences that I found them to be interesting facts to share. Here is just one more that I appropriately title;… YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE.

When I first began researching the entire saga to find the truth it became necessary to locate my estranged mother for the purpose of bringing her into court to find the answers for many questions.

I figured I would either be able to get the truth or prove she was a criminal by committing perjury thus destroying my sister Marlo’s creditability as my mother was her main witness.

When I first located the mother I had not seen in over 20 years and had no idea as to where she was living or even if she was alive at all I had her served with the summons to appear in court and the date set by the court was date of May 14th 2000 at 11:00 a.m. in Ventura California.

My mother failed to show and by doing so she demonstrated complete contempt for the court. The only assumption I came to was how she was fearful of telling the truth or showing she was a criminal.

Since she failed to show I found and served her again only this time it was the county and court she lived in that I needed to go into court and that was West Virginia.

She did finally appear in court for the preliminary where the judge set a date for her to attend the deposition. The date and time the judge set, without any input from anyone, was , you guessed it

May 14th 2004 at 11:00 a.m. only this time it was in West Virginia.  

No matter how hard she tried to not appear in court and hide the truth it was exactly 4 years from the date and time she was to first be in court to answer questions that she was now in court without fail.

On this day much of the truth came out in lies that didn’t match her first lies which now proved two things.

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