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coincidence 6 my brother

I have always felt that numbers play a very important part in the existence of everything we know. Time is based on numbers, and space, as interpreted by people has been translated into numbers. So my feeling is that time and dates are placed in our lives for some reason other then just management,  I just don’t understand the full reason of why.


In my life I have seen many periods involving numbers and these two bits of time that I’m mentioning are most likely a mere coincidence. Since this section is about coincidence I felt it appropriate to include these thoughts here.

I don’t think there’s anything significant about this coincidence it’s just an interesting one to me.


In the history of the United States there are moments that will never be forgotten. Like the date for the attack of 9-11 so too are the numbers I am now mentioning.


The dates I speak of are December 7th and May 8th. For those of you who don’t know these dates, they are the first day and month of our involvement in WWII, and the last day and month of WWII with regards to Germany.


Dec, 7th 1941 , the day we were attacked and entered WWII.

May 8th 1945 was the day the Germans surrendered and essentially ending WWII.


My brother Tony’s birthday is Dec. 7th.

My birthday is May 8th

The first and last day of WWII

Tony is the first son and I am the last son.

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