MARLO  THOMAS                                 



After learning the in-depth involvement I refilled in California and hired more investigators to find direct male decedents of Charles Jacobs , the father of Danny Thomas , who all carried the same Y  DNA Chromosome .

This took my investigators to places like Ohio and Mountain View California .




Now I’ll break away from the order of involvement for a minute to explain DNA .


A DNA test is not what most people think it is . It is not one test fits all . Only certain tests will produce certain answers .

In the original test that was performed the object was to find an absolute conclusive answer . Not knowing DNA procedures then , I have now learned the only way to determine common fatherhood without the DNA of the father himself is to test the Y chromosome between a known male offspring and the brother in question . This is the only way without the actual father's DNA that sibship can be determined . Since the DNA of Danny Thomas was never used for testing and this Y chromosome test did not exist at the time it is quite clear this test was NOT PERFORMED .  


This is very important  . So , if you do not have the DNA of the father in this case the father being the deceased Danny Thomas then the only way you can get a confirmatory test when you are searching for a relationship between two males who are said to have the same father is to perform the Y Chromosome test . No other test would do . There would be no reason to test any of the females as they do not carry this Y  DNA  .


I remember when the first test in 1999 was being performed . Marlo Thomas was so insistent that she not be related to me that she dragged her poor ailing mother suffering from Alzheimer’s into the doctors office to take her blood which actually served no purpose as she neither carried the Y DNA and had no relationship with me .

They dragged this sick old woman into this office stuck a needle in her arm , put this old woman through pain and then lied to her according to my attorney by making her believe she was at a party .


Pretty sick I think , these people would do this just for self image , that’s narcissistic    


Now this is very important . The Thomas family claim to have a DNA test which clears them of any relationship with me . So a couple years later after learning more about DNA I had the scientist who had performed the first test grilled until he wrote the truth in a letter . The letter states among other things that the input of information presented at the first testing was hypothetical and therefore the outcome of the DNA test can only be HYPOTHETICAL  and no FACTUAL answers could have been reached . This means the first test has no merit what so ever .


Now if Tony Thomas really wanted to find out the truth he would volunteer his saliva for this purpose and if Tony Thomas did this test I am 100% confident the outcome would be much different then the first . I have had this test performed from samples collected by my investigation teams and on the following page you can see what Tony Thomas would see if he truly had the honorable intentions of fact finding .


Bottom line ; if the people mentioned here had acted with poise , dignity and honor you would never be reading any of this , there would never be a book or anything such as a film due to follow .

Instead these people acted in the complete opposite manner . The people mentioned on these sites took it upon themselves to create the problems you now read which is the truth and the truth is their downfall . 

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