MARLO  THOMAS                                 

To me and from the response of the viewers of these sites the no shows are proof of pure guilt and therefore any parties involved with these crimes should be considered guilty as well .  


I did manage to get the defendants into some depositions which constitutes as a court room .During these depositions it was proven by their own admission that they had committed perjury on numerous occasions during the deposition as you can see on the other sites as well as the You Tube site soon to come . Not one of these people involved seem to have the capability to be truthful .


According to the testimony of these defendants during the depositions money and hatred was my mother's motive for the creating of this letter and public self image from the tabloid magazines had been the driving force for the Thomas family . This letter was created by both my mother Diane Emerich , members of the Thomas family and special input by my half sister Claudia O’Keefe who it has been proven she too committed perjury .


These acts were criminal in my opinion and so too were the perpetrators of this letter in question .

Criminals come in all shapes , sizes and degrees of wealth however one thing more often then not you will see are criminals denying the allegations , even Charles Manson claims he never had anything to do with murder . I gave three chances and no one showed .


I have been accused of harassment over the one and only letter I have have ever written . I write here today there is no truth to their statement what so ever .

I have sent one letter and that one letter was to a board of directors . This letter was simply an apology letter for any discomfort the future publicity campaigns may bring.  The job of my publicist is to bring attention to my literary work with regards to the up and coming newly re-titled book , The Sacrificed Child .


I have no control who looks at these sites or how often . If a person chooses to look it is of their own free will and any discomfort brought on by doing so is of their own making .


Over the next few pages I will try to outline for you the situations mentioned in the forgoing as well as what has been the catalyst for the creation of the sites and book .       















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