MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Beginning in 1993 , my 20 month old son was dying and on life support . If you read these other sites , and you will witness supporting documents to this and other statements made on this site .


At that time an attorney representing me contacted the Thomas family stating the medical background of Danny Thomas was dire in the care of my son as I could be the son of Danny Thomas .( see claudia )


Through seven years after this contact I had often wondered why the Thomas family would not have at least checked to see if in fact there was any merit to this claim especially since the well being of the possible grandson of Danny Thomas was at stake . In June of 2008 I received my answer to this question during the deposition of my estranged mother , the same mother who had abandoned me at age 14 .


(At age 14 I had come home from school and everything was gone . A bowl of change was on the counter and a note beside reading ,  “Chris , I am taking the girls and moving back east . The money should last you awhile .” There was $6.00 there .

That was the day my mother had released custody of me to the state and moved while I was at school .

OK , so this is the mother the Thomas family contacted , a mother I had not seen in decades. A mother who gave me away and if you have read the other sites you will see this mother also was wanted by the law for tax evasion and welfare fraud .)


Anyway , it was now 1999 , 7 years had passed from that time of my son being on life support . My knowledge to that day was and still is the honorable Thomas family had never done a thing to find out the truth .

So I decided to write a book about my life growing up with the knowledge being my father was Danny Thomas . I had my attorney present a brief of the then manuscript directly to Tony Thomas so a direct chain of custody would be established . Now we knew he had this manuscript so I can trace anything that transpired from that point on back to him . Nobody could have performed any acts without his approval .


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