MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Here is a direct time line of what has transpired from that time to now .

April 1999 My attorney presented Tony Thomas with a manuscript in which I described what it was like growing up as a beaten abused child who was abandoned by his mother and then lived on the streets but not before being told by his mother that she had had an affair with Danny Thomas who was my father . ( see statements on other site , Claudia ; Diane meets Danny Thomas .)


At 14 my mother had told me who my father was and had then instructed me to contact him for money . The next day after I refused my mothers request she wrote the note , went to court and gave me away , abandoned me . 


So this manuscript was very harsh and being true means that the Thomas family had a bastard in the family .

 I believe from the actions portrayed by the Thomas family which I am outlining here and other places it has become quite clear there is no boundary with which they would not cross to disprove this , even if it meant to hurt a disabled child , which they have already done .

Here’s a bit of learned knowledge  . With the ten years of investigations it seems that I am not the only bastard child of this man who lives , there are others .


Now Tony had this manuscript and although the Thomas Family had stated in many letters to my attorney that they were eager to find out the truth and if so wanted to welcome me and my family it became quite clear from the discovered actions committed by the Thomas family they had just the opposite intentions . This was testified to under oath by my mother , the accomplice of the criminal acts  .


First they asked my attorney if I would agree to not write my book if we could come to some understanding .  After I said no and several months of procrastinations by the Thomas family it was determined that a DNA test should be done . A date was set up for the testing to begin the last week of Oct 1999 .



(At this time an award winning producer entered the picture .

Peter Dushow , retired Vice President of Capitol Records and an award winning Producer of the hallmark films , My name is Bill W. and Promise , both staring James Woods and James Garner . Mr. Dushow wrote a letter to the Thomas attorney on my behalf informing them of his intentions to produce my manuscript into a film .

Later Mr. Dushow , who was suffering from cancer and had stated this would be his last film was threatened by the Thomas family to drop his involvement or he would face serious harm . ( There seems to be a pattern here .)


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