MARLO  THOMAS                                 

So with a book and a movie which would tell the truth about the seedy side of the Danny Thomas family the Thomas family had to do something to stop everything .


That week we had agreed on a certain laboratory to do the work and a date was set for testing to begin in the last week of Oct 1999 .


The day before we were to start the DNA testing my attorney received a call from the attorney for Tony Thomas stating he had to postpone the testing as he would be out of town for the next few weeks . I was suspicious to say the least .


Five weeks later we received a call from the Thomas’ attorney informing us the testing could begin .

I informed my attorney to inform them I would not do this testing with the lab previously agreed upon as five weeks had passed and anything could have transpired  . My attorney and I both agreed that the Thomas family had spent that time to arrange a pay off with the agreed lab . I had no idea though they were conspiring with my estranged mother as well at that time .


Money goes a long way especially when they call it millions , everyone has their price.


Tony Thomas profoundly retorted that if we did not use the previously agreed upon lab then he would not agree to do the testing .


This was very strange . We pick a lab then he disappears for five weeks and then upon returning demands we use that particular lab or he won’t be tested . Sounds like during those 5 weeks arraignments were made in their favor .

All over the web are pages about DNA labs being found guilty of taking bribes so do not think this does not happen and as I said , all have a price . the FBI's DNA lab was even closed by the Feds for false DNA reports .


I stated it would be best if each of us took  the DNA of the other to our own undisclosed labs and return when completed to compare the results . This would assure each of us there would be no tampering with either the DNA itself or the reports . A report is only that , a report , words on paper , easily manipulated .

I was told by them I could pick an additional lab but must give them the name . They agreed not to contact the lab I would pick  .  It was later discovered they did contact this lab . Why ?  They held all the cards and had total control . The outcome was theirs to create .


 So for the sake of my sons well being I reluctantly agreed to their terms hoping they would act honorably . This , to my knowledge , the Thomas family has never done during this whole procedure of 15 years  .


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