MARLO  THOMAS                                 








When the Thomas’s presented me with this letter I knew it's contents were complete lies . I then began hiring investigators and attorneys who proceeded to unearth the truth.


First I filed a civil action against my mother for several of the torts committed against me . Then a trial was held where several witnesses came forward on my behalf testifying to first hand knowledge that Danny Thomas was in fact my father , ( see Claudia ) . Not one person showed to protest and certainly not the defendant , my mother .Among these witnesses had been my adopted father who testified Danny Thomas himself told him around 1966 he was my father .


 The judge heard the case and ruled that because the defendant failed to show I needed to find her and file where she lived . I was given 30 days to locate her and file or the case would be dropped . I had know idea as to where she was living but I had to find her .

After an exhausting nation wide manhunt my investigators located her in the deep Blue Ridge mountains on the West Virginia side where it was reported the Thomas family had hid them .


I hired an attorney there and had her served . She , my mother , a self proclaimed poverty stricken person on welfare was represented by a $400 per hour attorney . This attorney was one of two West Virginia State Senators . Not only did she have an expensive attorney but she had a State Senator representing her , Senator Mark Burnett , Judicial Senator of West Virginia .

The other state Senator , his colleague , being Rockefeller , the very same Senator who nominated Danny Thomas to receive the Congressional Gold Medal which he was awarded .                        starting to connect the dots yet  .


 Over the course of three years she lost every motion filed to have the case dismissed and eventually she had to attend a deposition which is where I began learning the in depth involvement and crooked acts perpetrated by the Thomas family such as conspiracy , witness tampering and the fabrication of false evidence . ( see Claudia site )


It was during this time I had heard my mother had excepted the money offered by the Thomas family to write the letter denying I am the son of Danny Thomas . My mother had received a pay off of $10,000 from Danny Thomas in 1960 at my birth  to not go to the tabloids with news that I was Danny Thomas' son . Now she is excepting a pay off to deny the very same man she once received money from claiming he was the father to now say she never said this . After you read all the information on these sites you'll understand much more . 

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