MARLO  THOMAS                                 

The tests began and the reports were presented almost as fast as the blood for testing had been taken . At that time a DNA test took several weeks especially one of this nature , this report was completed in just days . A week before Christmas 1999 the Thomas' presented me with the report denying me any relationship with the Thomas family . They had to do this before Christmas as they wanted a pleasant holiday and to be free of this mess . By their actions it was crystal clear they had wished the complete opposite on me and my family .


Years later in a deposition of my mother which you can read on the above site of Claudia , my mother stated that the Thomas family had met with her and had offered her money to create the lies in a letter stating that she had never before said to me my father was Danny Thomas among several other false statements .


It was later discovered in this video taped deposition which will soon be aired on You Tube that this meeting took place during those missing 5 weeks of Tony Thomas , in the month of Nov 1999. This proves that Tony Thomas during those missing 5 weeks in November 1999 was in fact already conspiring to create false evidence for court to cover this up .


Why else would they make the statement , “ we need this letter for court ,” before the DNA tests even began . Why would they need a letter of such if not for the fact they knew what the outcome of a test yet taken would be .

This demonstrates the Thomas family had already planned and had begun to carry out their plan to eliminate any hint of a relationship to me , a bastard .


Why would the Thomas family go through all the trouble of flying across the country after spending thousands of dollars locating my mother and her daughter to obtain a letter of such content if there intentions were to act honorably .


So with the letter written by my mother and the lab test in hand the Thomas Family must of thought they were home free.


The one thing they did not count on was me and my tenacious behavior  .














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