MARLO  THOMAS                                 


Today me and my disabled son have been threatened with serious harm by the Thomas family over these sites .


I was told if I did not withdraw my statements then serous harm would come to me . Any threat to me is a direct threat to my son who as I have said is very seriously disabled . Any threat to this household is a direct threat to my son and his well being .


This follows a long standing tradition of the Thomas family from what I have witnessed over time and that is to threaten someone if they are crossed  . For these people , as you will read , will resort to either money or threats to accommodate their needs .


I have spent 10 years obtaining legal proof to completely corroborate my claims and I am extremely confident in my claims . Of course I will voice my own opinion based on the facts learned and that of the opinions of so many other people who have open mindfully reviewed all the information and on their own have seemed to have drawn the same conclusions  .


Now as I begin to reveal the information which I have collected over the past 10 years during  depositions , court proceedings and first hand I witness testimony I have been threatened to stop . I am an American and as such I am protected by my constitutional rights to freedom of speech as long as that which is spoken is spoken with merit .

What I am bringing is the truth , and for that , me and my son are threatened with harm.


It seems because the Thomas family does not approve of my literary work they believe they have the right to threaten me . This cannot happen in the United States for if it is allowed to happen once , then our way of democracy is finished .

We have a court system and in that court system jurors hear evidence . Here is the only place where the authority to make such demands should live and if the final episode of the book is to take place in a court room then so be it  . I look forward to seeing the creators of the letter and other the distasteful acts in a court room . Here too I will have the opportunity and will petition the court for a Y chromosome DNA test .


The Thomas family have a letter of which there has been much written about on this and the other sites . This letter has been proven in depositions and court to be false . It has also been proven in court as well as by the admission of the co-author of the letter that the Thomas family had flown over 3000 miles to offer money  to the co-author of this letter to create this letter . Three times a civil action has been filed against the co-author of the letter and at every court trial the defendants were a no show . I gave three chances for the co-author of the letter to appear and put up a defense against my allegations and three times they declined .


If someone was accusing me of the crimes and disgusting acts mentioned on these sites I myself most definitely would respond and present my side . I would not hide which is what the defendants did . And if the well being of a child was at stake I would rapidly do everything in my power to find out the truth .

And if there was a questionable outcome I would continue assisting to the fullest of my ability until left with no doubt .

A child's life is precious and to see a child in pain is tragic . To put this child in further pain and to jeopardize this child's life is just plain criminal . And when your name is Marlo Thomas and this is your nephew and you have caused direct life threatening harm to come to this child and through your selfish actions have caused unnecessary pain to come to this child then you are imbalanced . However , as you read the other sites you will read a superior court judges professional remark with regards to the letter when she stated , "who ever wrote this letter must be in a mental facility ." As it has been learned that Marlo Thomas instigated the creating of this letter and approved of it's content it must therefore taken into consideration that Marlo Thomas is who the judge was making reference to . 



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