MARLO  THOMAS                                 
The Sacrificed Child






Though this book centers on the life I have lived and my life was sacrificed so others could live a life style fewer then 1% have ever seen I am not the Sacrificed Child the title is giving reference to . Unfortunately that title is reserved for my son Kyler .


Just last week the public was informed of the tragic loss of the son of John Travolta , Jett Travolta . My heart goes out to this man as I have had a taste of this pain .


This man is now beginning what I believe will be the saddest part of his life , his son has died .

He will forever question himself  .

This man will live several painful years through out the remainder of his life .

One thing I can say for sure “ this man would readily give all he ever had and all he ever will have if it would bring his son back . I can say this as I know first hand .


That tragic day in 1993 was that particular day for me and my son . As with the son of John Travolta , Jett , my son too suffered then and still suffers from seizures . For my son his first came in 1993 , this put him on life support .


That day I lost my son as I knew him . Now some 15 years later I am pleased to at least have my son alive though he will never be whole . My son Kyler will forever be confined to a wheelchair and in need of 24 hour 7 days a week care for the remainder of his life . Kyler will never be able to run , ride a bike , dance , sing or even have the ability to write . He will never and has never had the oppertunity to live a life of a child with dreams .


This is why I have invested myself into the book .


As the public has heard the condition Jett Travolta carried with him more then likely was caused by a gene which had been passed down , so too are the physicians thoughts as to the cause of my son’s illness .

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have rushed my son to the hospital during one of these seizures fearing all the way there of him dying . We as a family talked often about the need to cherish every moment of his life as at any moment he could leave us . For this I have spent my life with him at home and withdrew from any social life . The very day my son became ill I was to be on the set of a Patrick Swayze film in which I was to portray an indian . Although being picked out of over 4000 people for the roll I never returned to the set .


This site will build through time bringing hard proof to the table including the involvement of two state senators . Though given several opportunities to refute in a courtroom my accusations not one of the parties involved has ever done so . There is good reason for this , they all know I am truthful and accurate in my accusations .

It is a sad situation when a deathly ill child is sacrificed for the preservations’ of ones self image .

I am an extremely forgiving man however when a person has been caught as these people have and they continue to commit serious actions which continue to endanger the life of my son my forgiveness begins to reach the limit .

I and others have described these people as the little boy with his hand in the cookie jar .  When asked if he took the cookie jar he say’s , “ what cookie jar .”


Here is a picture of my son Kyler during one of our outings to his favorite place .

The other picture was taken just after one of his many surgeries of which he has endured due to the complications inflicted by his seizures . Each time he went under the knife it was a 50 50 chance he would live , in fact I have canceled any further operations which are seriously needed for fear of him dying .


The attitude of the Thomas family with their selfish distasteful and disgraceful tactics to separate themselves from the truth in order to remain pure have caused this child years of unnecessary pain . This child , my son  Kyler , is , The Sacrificed Child .

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