MARLO  THOMAS                                 
The Letters

I have received so many emails asking to see the entire letter which I have discussed that I am now doing so . Here for the first time ever is the letter in it’s entirety .


I will explain a little first to help you understand what the next several pages hold .


First , I have posted the plea I sent to the Thomas’ when my son first became ill .


Second , you will read a statement from the judge of the first trial . Her statement is in direct regards to the author of the letter . Now since my mother stated under oath as you will read from following transcripts of the 04 deposition the author of the letter is both her and the Thomas’ so I take it from this statement the judge is referring to both the Thomas’ and my mom .


Before the letter is my adopted father’s complete courtroom testimony from the first trial.  I had not seen him in 20 years and we definitely did not have any type of relationship so he had no  personal motive for appearing in court other then telling the truth . The judge  commended his actions and called his testimony completely believable . This was just one of the trials my mother and the opposing participants failed to show at to defend their actions.


Next you will read a notarized statement from my younger half sister . I had not seen nor heard from her in 30 years until she saw my web sites in 08 and emailed me . She then sent me several emails pertaining to this situation , one of which you will see here followed by her notarized statement of first hand knowledge .


Then I have included my mother’s statement where she tells that the Thomas’s wanted to keep this from the tabloids magazines and offered her money to create the letter .


You’ll also read her testimony that they had gone to her to get this letter for the purpose of going to court .

This would mean the Thomas’ intentions were already determined to conceal and have my claim dismissed before the DNA test was even started , (what does that say about the DNA tests). Remember I said Tony Thomas had disappeared for 5 weeks . As I already stated and as you will see by the video taped deposition taken in 08 which will soon be on You Tube , Diane , my mom , states the Thomas’ came out to her in November 1999 , that’s during the 5 week missing span of Tony Thomas .


Now after you have read this preceding information comes the letter .


By reading this information first you’ll understand the contempt of the letter .


Following the letter you’ll read more court testimony of my mother . This time she tells a completely different version of the rape which you will read about .


After this additional statement I will give my rebuttal to her letter and court statements .


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