MARLO  THOMAS                                 

I lived a hard life . My life from birth to the age of 14 when my mother first told me in a letter my father was Danny Thomas  to now has been one long hard road . From being abandoned at age 14 and spending years locked away like some kind of criminal only because I had no home , to being molested by the foster dad the state placed me with or actually gave me to him , to being homeless as a kid in 14 degree snow storms and all the way up to now has been one long hard and twisted road . In this hard life I had only once contacted my family the Thomas’s and that was for my son . The only time I ever contacted my father was the letter I spoke of at the end of the site , this was the letter which triggered his massive heart attack .          



 Now there are four ways for this to end , First , they can take me to court and claim what I am writing is false . This they will not do . First they would need to get my mother who is the co-author of the letter into court and if they did this they would be finished . My attorney would petition the court and we would receive a court ordered DNA test . This I believe , would be granted as the results of the first DNA test have now been proven to be fallible by a trained DNA scientist .


Second , The Thomas’s do nothing . In some cases guilty people do nothing believing  by not responding to an allegation they would not appear to be guilty . The one problem with this is , they , the Thomas’s , have already responded .

First in 1993 to have my mother contact the hospital with the attempt to clear themselves . Then again in 1999 to have her write the infamous letter and now by threatening me and my son with harm if I do not stop these sites .


Which brings me to the third . If you threaten someone as the Thomas’ have done to me and my son and do nothing then one shows they are truly guilty as their threats are truly empty . And with this guilt my book will be finally finished .


The fourth , the fourth is to correct their wrongs . Hire a mediator and begin to tackle the three actions I have previously talked about . In my opinion this is the best way to conclude this scenario . 


And finally the fifth and last option for an outcome . This is to kill me the way Marlo stated she would do to anybody who wrote a book about her . Remember , her butler , Desmond Athol , met his demise shortly after publishing his tell all book about Marlo Thomas . his boss . But to kill me she would need to do the same to my son’s . If not then the seed of Danny Thomas will carry on through my offspring .


No matter how this is concluded with the exception to number 4 the questions people will continue to ask are the same questions the people continue to ask to this day only now they are asking in several different languages .



If nobody had anything to hide in the first place then why try so hard to hide nothing ?

     Why pay someone to lie ?

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