MARLO  THOMAS                                 

I will post a letter signed and written by my mother to my adopted father in 1979 which will show my mother became enraged when anybody would do anything for me .

My mother , as I have now found out always hated me and blamed me for her misfortune .

After getting pregnant by Danny Thomas in 1959 she thought she had a permanent meal ticket . She believed that by having Danny Thomas’s son he would leave his wife and marry her . When she gave birth to me and he failed her expatiations she felt I had ruined her life . Hell, I didn’t have sex with her , Danny did , I’m just what came from that sexual escapade . He paid her cash , saw me a few times , brought me a football signed by the Miami Dolphins and that was it .



My mother hated me so much that she tortured me constantly and actually tried to kill me on 3 separate occasions as a child . These things I go into depth on in the book but here’s a brief from one time which I still bare the scares .


We lived on the second floor of an apartment building in a town called Montrose Ca. The steps going up to the apartment were the kind made out of cement and small pebbles and nothing in between each step . If you stood looking at the steps from the ground you would see step then air then step then  ,well you get the picture . Anyway I was about 3 and had just climbed the 20 steps all by myself . As I had reached the top step I looked up at my mother and said proudly , “ I did it .” . I remember to this day as if it were yesterday what happened next . As I was looking up at her and going for my last stair my mother , and I will be specific , lifted up her left leg and using the ball of her left foot pushed my forehead backwards until I fell back tumbling head over feet down all 20 stairs . I remember hitting my head several times on the edge of the cement stairs . To this day I still have a big divot in the top of my skull from hitting those edges .


On another occasion I remember her taking me to the park  and leaving me there . She just said come on were going to the park . Me , my half sister Claudia and mother got in the car . I remember driving for a long ways and after being there awhile I went to find her .

The car , my mother and half sister were gone . Hours later , during the black of night and crying from being scared she came back  , I was 4 at the time . At the time she had told me she forgot me however years later when she was beating me she began yelling , “ I should never have come back for you I should of left you in that park when you were a kid .”


 It seems my investigators found an old police report where when I wasn’t even a year old she took me to the park and just left me there in my bassinette . The police were called and took me to the station . the report states she later that night called the police and claimed someone had taken me from the park , the police who had had me for several hours wanted to know why she waited so long to call the police and where was she when the police were there looking for the mother .


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