MARLO  THOMAS                                 


Of course the physicians ruled out this possibility within the first few hours of his admittance some 6 days before she called the hospital .


As I had said earlier the way to discredit a person is to say such things as , he does drugs  or he beats women or he’s a criminal . I had no idea the Thomas family had contacted her to do this until 15 years later during the 2008 deposition .

This group of lies concocted by the Thomas family was to label me as mental and put the blame of my son’s illness squarely on me and my wife . This was an extremely sick thing to do especially since a child’s life was at stake , Kyler , my son , the grandson of Danny Thomas , the nephew of Marlo Thomas .


I do not ingest any medicine which is not prescribed nor have I ever kept any drugs in my home which are not prescribed and then only kept in a safe place not to mention once again my son was tested for this first thing and nothing was ever found . If there had been any trace of such the professor never would have put his name on the letter he wrote .

The Thomas’ have to be some of the “stupidest ” people I have ever heard of to have over looked this .



Next , it is my opinion based on my mother’s testimony the Thomas family paid her thousands of dollars in cash to commit crimes by lying to the court and to take part in the creation of the fraudulent letter which was created solely for the for court and proved to be fallible  


When more then one person is involved in the same crime it is then considered to be a conspiracy . Conspiracy in itself is not a crime but rather an accumulation of all those involved in the criminal act .  So , from what I have discovered the Thomas family conspired with my mother , and half sister , Claudia , to hide the truth that I am a son of Danny Thomas . By doing this they could be excused from not doing anything when my son first became ill and was put on life support .

I can’t tell you what was in their mind at the time in 1993 but from their actions and based on the pre-internet era I believe they felt nothing further could have been done by me as they were very much royalty in Hollywood and no one would ever hear about this .


This is truly where the Thomas family fouled up . Their very first act should not have been to contact my crazy . estranged  mother when my son became ill . Their very first act should have been to carry themselves with honor and dignity . These people , who’s 20 month old nephews life was on the line , should have hired an investigator to speak with me and then to do what ever test was available at the time to come to a conclusion .


During the taped 2008 deposition which will be aired on You Tube , my half sister Claudia can be clearly heard saying in response to a rebuttal question , “ why did the Thomas family do nothing in 1993 ,” her response , “ we , they , thought you were just using your son’s illness to meet “ your” family , the “ Thomas’s .”

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