MARLO  THOMAS                                 


It could be easy for me to sit back and criticize the Thomas’s for the way they have handled this situation . I have no reason to say anything good about any of their actions  and judging from what I have read any one person who has presented themselves in this case on their behalf has done so with ill intent . However ,I understand , they were scared when told about a book to be written about them . They were scared of how the public would perceive them and they tried to cover it up with lies . I said I understand it , I do not condone such behavior . The acts performed by the Thomas family which I have demonstrated on these sites advance them into the world of deep disgust . 



When I first sat down with my good friend Peter Dushow after he had read the actual first draft of my book , a draft which no other person has yet to read , I learned what I needed to do next . As my acclaimed friend spoke I listened . He said in order to write such a novel you need the words of the opposing sides , you need their actions .


So I presented the Thomas family with a pieced together short of the manuscript to see what actions they would take and some of those actions are outlined on this and the other sites .

Without their knowledge Marlo and Tony finished my book for me .


When I started writing , my complete intentions to publish this book were unknown to me. My thoughts were strictly for a little boy who is severely disabled , his care and his future . When I die what will happen to my son , the grandson of Danny Thomas .


I am an extremely forgiving man and I believe everyone should receive a second chance and for me it’s what they do with that second chance which determines the outcomes in one’s life .


I by no way myself am perfect . The older I get the more stupid I become . I have had my own problems through life but I believe it’s what one does with their mistakes that determines the sincerity of one and leads to the building of their moral fiber .


The more I investigated the more I saw the second chance was tossed out in this case .



Here on this and my other sites are some of my findings . These are comprised of the truth .

The Thomas family , after receiving the letter from my attorney with regards to my son being on life support began the first of many disgraceful acts .

The first action was to hire investigators to locate my estranged mother of 25 years who they had instructed to call the hospital where my son was on life support . Her testimony shows she was instructed by the Thomas’s to tell the hospital staff that me and my wife were responsible for my son’s illness by leaving drugs around .

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