MARLO  THOMAS                                 


There are three separate issues here , so these three separate issues I had to address .


It was necessary to investigate each in depth in order to present a truthful summery .


First , Did the Thomas family act “Dishonorably”  when notified that an infant , the nephew of Marlo Thomas ,  was on life support with a life threatening illness and there was extreme dire need for their assistance ?


Second , Did the Thomas family initiate and take part in crimes . Did they commit state and federal criminal acts for the purpose of covering up an out of wedlock bastard son of Danny Thomas and the lack of effort to assist their infant nephew .


Third , Did members of the Thomas family initiate to conspire with others , acts of fraud designed to discredit the truth as to Danny Thomas having an out of wedlock bastard son.



These sites have proven through legal means that crimes have been committed against me. These crimes were initiated by members of the Thomas family to clear themselves of any connection to me and my son’s as well as to support their lack of concern for an extremely disabled child .


It has been proven in court and displayed on these sites that the Thomas’s traveled across state lines for the purpose creating fraudulent documents to be entered into court .

It has also been proven in court the same people had communicated on the telephone and computer over state lines using long distance to plan the crimes .

These are federal crimes.


It has also been proven in a court of law the Thomas’s presented money to the other conspirators who they had traveled over state lines to plan the criminal act with . You can see this by logging onto or net and reading the tabs , tabloid .


This money , offered by the Thomas’s , was to sway the testimony of witnesses and as such is considered witnesses tampering . State and federal crimes .


These are all separate criminal acts  . Whether a person is ever charged with a crime or not does not relieve that individual of the criminal actions one has committed . A person who commits a criminal act is still a criminal .


I have proven on these sites the Thomas’s and their conspirators have had the opportunity several times to refute my allegations in a court of law but have denied to do so .




Not one Thomas has ever entered a courthouse to give testimony refuting my statements .

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