MARLO  THOMAS                                 
Rubuttal pg3

told everyone I was a burglar . Imagine that a mother spreading lies of such just to hurt her son . We moved because of his job and not because of anything I did .


Paragraph 5 . This says I was a danger to other kids in the school . Nothing could be further from the truth . It was me who was always in danger and every time I went to her about it she just said , “so what .”

We moved almost every six or seven months . I counted we kids went to 17 different schools by the time I was in 7th grade . We were always getting kicked out of our homes for foreclosing  . As a result we always moved . I was small for my age , almost the smallest in my grade . Now as a new kid and being the smallest I was the prime target for the beatings from the other kids . Usually at least 3 or 4 kids would pick on me and beat me at one time . The only thing I ever did was play hooky as I hated going to school and getting beat . I was also dyslexic and so I was made fun of when I was called to the front of the class to read . So when the kids would see the small new kid who couldn’t make out the words they had found their mark . I had been beaten down so much at home that I hated violence and then wouldn’t fight back . I always told my mom but she never cared .


Paragraph 6 . This confrontation was the last between my step dad and me . I was 12 and about 90 lbs , it was just after breakfast and I was on my way out to feed the horses when it happened . I burped , on accident but I burped . My step dad came over and started yelling at me . I wasn’t going to take any more beating from him . I hated him so much I dove at him and then he kicked the crap out of me . He picked me up over his head and threw me hard onto the floor , he then kicked me with his boots so many times I lost count . The next thing I remember before blacking out was his fists punching me followed by him lifting my head up and continually slamming it down on the trunk we stored our tack in . I then blacked out . When I came too he looked at me , grabbed me , hugged me and said why did I make him do this . Then he said I love you . This was the first time in my 12 years that anybody had ever said I Love You to me and if this is what love was I never wanted to know about it again . I also remember saying to myself , “I never asked you to do this to me ,”  but I knew if I had he just would have beat me more  .


Paragraph 7  After this incident my mom moved me to a vacant lot she had bought with funds from my grandfather . There was nothing there but dirt . After being there for about two weeks I started for home . I had walked about half the 20 miles when at midnight a sheriff stopped me and asked me what I was doing out in the country at that time . When I told him I was trying to get home he called my mother who I could hear telling him to take me to jail . First I get beat then I get dumped in the woods and then she tells him to take me to jail . A week or so later she came and got me and took me right back to the land and left me there . Slowly a small 500 sq ft garage was built and we all moved in .


She say’s I stole her car . Here’s the truth . My mom didn’t pay for trash so she had me load the trash in the station wagon each week then take the trash out in the country and throw it over the side of the road . I didn’t know this was wrong , this is what she said to do . So one day I was coming home from doing this when I was stopped by the police . I was only 13 so they took me to the station and called my mom . They went to get her so she could pick up her car . I remember how when she came down to the station she wouldn’t
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