MARLO  THOMAS                                 
Rebuttal pg 4

tell them she had told me to drive the car but rather told them I had stole the car so she wouldn’t get into trouble . I just remember looking at her in disbelief . The police wouldn’t charge me and kept saying , “take him home lady .” She just kept saying he stole my car I want him arrested . What a sick woman .


About a month or so later after I refused her request to contact my father , Danny Thomas and ask him for money she went to court while I was at school and gave me away .


The state doesn’t just take kids out of their home and I sure never did anything to be locked up for so the state never arrested me though they put me in jail while they looked for a foster home . Eventually I was placed in one , a home of a pervert . This is in the book .      


Paragraph 8  Starting with the first statement , this is just another lie .

As you will see on the you tube site and I might have posted it here if not then I will in a day or so . She say’s she knew nothing about me being married or that I had children until she had received a call from UCLA with regards to my son .

She knew as I will post her own words that I had children long before this . But here’s the thing . I never knew where she lived nor did I put down on the hospital forms anything about her . Not a number and not an address not a name .

What I had finally found out according to her was the Thomas family had hired an investigator who contacted her when my attorney contacted the Thomas’s about my 20 month old son being on life support. The Thomas’s wanted nothing to do with me or my son so they never checked on our requested information but instead found my mother and had her call the hospital where she was to say how I caused my son’s illness with drugs . I hadn’t seen her in 20 years , I do not do drugs and this was just the icing on the cake when I found out the Thomas family had done this to my son the grandson of Danny Thomas . Ok f*#@ me but a little boy on life support , that’s sick .


I will say this about the last couple paragraphs . Not one person can ever say I have ever asked for one copper cent from any person with regards to this . I have made it on my own from a child and will continue to make it on my own .   


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