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I wish to humbly thank each and every one of you who have sent your best wishes for the future health and well being of my son , an act which has been greatly neglected by my family , his family , the people mentioned on all three sites . Not a one of them has ever wished my son well .


I have heard your response to these sites from your countries , England , Germany , Norway , India , Australia , Japan , Canada and of course the United States just to name a few .


Your concerns for my son has touched me deeply . I wish all people would be as concerned for children who suffer from disabilities as my readers seem to be .


I am writing now to answer some of your questions . I do apologize that I am unable to respond directly however there are so many of you asking questions that I have found this to be the best way to respond .


Out of all of your questions , I have chosen the more frequently asked questions to answer .






Your most asked questions have been ;


Is there anything that can be done for your son ?


The answer is yes . With enough therapy of different sorts my son would make rapid and distinct improvements however this is very expensive and insurance only covers so much . The longer this full therapy is delayed the less likely he will benefit when if ever he receives this progressive treatment .


If your family asked you to consider not writing your book would you cease the publishing of your book ?


The answer is yes . When I first began the compilation of my literary work I had several reasons for doing so . Now after finding out all the truth I am really less interested in bringing to the public all the dirt which I have uncovered . My only reason now for completing my work is to sell the book where the proceeds will be entirely directed towards the care of my son .


Do you hate your family ?


No . Though I should have many reasons to feel this way , these kinds of feelings would only eat at me . I have a life to live and there is no room for hate in it . I feel only sorrow for them .


Can you ever forgive your family for all the pain their actions have brought you ?


Yes . To live without advancing forgiveness towards those who have done me wrong would go against all the principals I have taught myself and those principals I instill upon my son .

However , even though I have long since forgave those who have brought harm to me and my son does not negate the consequences of their actions .

The only act which would put and end to these sites and the publishing of The Sacrificed Child along with the second book would be the sincere apologies from the perpetrators themselves .


Though your father and sister are household names do you have any desire to be famous?


None what so ever . I have lived my life without a care for such notoriety .  I have never had the desire nor do I ever wish to be known in such a way . I would be most content in living the remainder of my life quietly in seclusion watching my son improve .


I have been asked about the release of some information on You tube which was to have taken place in February but has not yet been seen . I have been asked if I still plan on releasing this video ?


Yes , this is definitely still the case . I have been deliberately slow in some of my actions . Bringing to the public the information I have learned is not something I relish . It brings me no great joy in publicizing the trash I have learned about my father , sisters or mother . I have waited patently for an apology before proceeding with the you tube , twitter , face book and my space forums before doing so with the hopes of ending the complete saga before ever escalating to such a level .


It seems that every family member has treated you like dirt  . Is there any family member you have good feelings for ?


Yes . Though I have not seen my younger sister in 30 years I have always held a deep affection for her .  I am her big brother and I guess I have that big brother protector mentality towards her . She is the one who had sent the email and notarized statement shown on my sites  . I have great respect for her .


How do you know your letter caused his heart attack ?


I have met several people throughout my life who knew Danny Thomas . I had been at a dinner party some years after the death of Danny Thomas when I was involved in a conversation with a reporter from the Times. I never told him anything about myself but I had a friend with me who had been friends with Danny . She had asked this reporter if he had any stories about Danny , probably for my benefit . He responded by saying that late at night one time he had been in the field when he heard over his scanner an emergency call to the house of Danny Thomas . He said he headed there and arrived in just a couple minutes as he was just down the street on the strip . Once there he saw Danny Thomas on the floor with a letter in his hand and a picture on the floor next to him .

He described the letter and picture to us . I could tell from his description the picture and letter had been the very same which I had sent that week . So I can only assume it was my letter which triggered his massive heart attack . I believe it was guilt that killed Danny Thomas .


Do you have any regrets ?


Yes , I have many . One of the top regrets include the manner I attempted to contact my father . I had no way of knowing the letter I sent would have eventually caused his death and if I had been able to foresee the future I never would of sent the letter .

That very same week I had sat down with an attorney and discussed with him the retaining of his services to do just that , contact Danny . His retainer was far more then I had at the time so I sent the letter instead .


Do you think the people you talk about on your sites will ever take you to court ?


I hope they do , however as I have said , I would bet they never do as this would open up a huge can of worms for them . They would at that time for sure loose face in the public eye as the total truth would come out .


Do you fear your life is in danger for writing what you have wrote ?


I strongly doubt any harm will ever come to me even though Marlo Thomas has said she would kill anyone who ever dared write a book about her and a large percentage of the book is about her .


Do you think your family will ever come to terms with you ?


No . From everything I have learned about these people they are selfish and vein . They have done nothing to demonstrate to me their willingness to correct their actions and act honorably in the scenario .


I want to thank you all for your questions and I promise I will continue to try and answer as many as I possibly can .  


















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