MARLO  THOMAS                                 
My Rubbtal to BS pg1

Now that you have had a chance to read some extremely important information with regards to understanding the truth I would like to take a few minutes now to finally give my response to this Bull Shit written about me .


I will answer paragraph by paragraph so the truth to these allegations can be finally told .


When my attorney presented the Thomas’s with my manuscript of how I had grown up on the streets after I was abandoned at age 14 , how I had been beat on a regular basis before that , about how we moved twice a year and how as I kid I spent time in jails only because I wasn’t wanted and not because I had done anything wrong . When I presented them with a manuscript of how not a thing had been done to find out the truth as to my claim when my son was on life support these people had to discredit me in every way they could .

If you look , all the elements of a deeply disturbed criminal have been used to attempt to destroy my character thus eliminating any creditability as to my book . In fact I will post a letter written by the Thomas’s when they first finished putting the letter together . This letter states , We have a communication from your mother and it basically states you are a criminal and she never told you your father was Danny Thomas .   


I asked a psychologist friend of mine one time why someone would write such terrible lies . She said “ when a person is so afraid of losing , to them everything , or when people are so filled with hate and want nothing good to come to the person whom the hate is directed towards there are no boundaries . The first attempt to harm the person is to fabricate lies and the more notorious the better . In this case they are calling you a criminal and a liar . This is an attempt to have people distrust you . As like children , these people are acting as an infantile does . The first attempt by a child is typically verbal . For instance one girl at school is jealous of another so she spreads lies so the boys won’t like her . It is also very common for a person , or in this case people who have acted in such a manner will avoid any and all opportunities to be held accountable for their actions and if left with no other choice will turn to violence or in this case a bribe .”

She then went on to say she has seldom seen a more well rounded person as myself . It was also her opinion and after viewing all the material I have collected over the years that there is no doubt in her mind that I am a son of Danny Thomas .   



You of course by now have read the testimonies given by witnesses who have testified on my behalf as to where I would ever get  such a notion that Danny Thomas was my father.

So the first paragraph was designed to eliminate from the very start any relationship to Danny Thomas .


The second paragraph was designed to cause me great pain and for pure sympathy for my mother . Showing that she is the one everyone should feel sorry for . This paragraph was to show how I came into this world and that I was adopted by her first husband .


Note how it is stated here that the man who raped her was smooth and charming and how he drove all the way from Pasadena Ca to Las Vegas to rape her . Now look at her
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