MARLO  THOMAS                                 
My Rebuttal pg2

drove all the way from Pasadena Ca to Las Vegas to rape her . Now look at her testimony . My attorney didn’t show my mom this letter she wrote in 1999 until after she testified about the rape . The letter was written 4 years prior in 1999 and it was now 2004 . The letter being a complete lie she completely forgot what lie she had told and just what the Thomas family had instructed her to say . This is quite obvious when there are the two versions of the rape being looked at side by side .

First the rapist is smooth and charming , she say's she had met him at an after play party at the Pasadena Play house where she acted . When he showed up at her apartment 400 miles away in Las Vegas she was so flattered she let him into her apartment where he raped her .


The second version of the rape given by her in a legal deposition taken on May 14 2004 states he was working at the El Rancho in Las Vegas , same as her . She say’s a man who was a criminal followed her home broke in her door beat her and raped her . This time he was ugly , short , bow legged and middle eastern .

These are two completly different stories . It is clear to see this never happened at all .


She states she never called the police and never went to the hospital . This woman has threatened so many people with jail and is such a hypochondriac that it would be extremely out of her character to not go to the police and hospital as you will see by reading the book .

She also say’s abortions weren’t legal however my investigators have dug up over the years reports of her receiving two abortions prior to my birth and just as interesting is the proof that it was the El Rancho where she and Danny Thomas had stayed .


In the third paragraph she talks about light spanking . I was beat severely by her and my adopted father . I remember hearing her tell him she would not give him sex if he did not go in there and beat me .  As he would be doing this I remember her standing in the door way laughing and saying , “ don’t look at me .” None of the other children ever were even hit but I got it daily . One time when I was about 8 she smashed a water vase filled with water over my head for not cleaning my room good enough . When I awoke she was screaming ,”they’re going to put me in jail , I killed him .” Never a thought for what she had done . She never took me to the hospital as they would of asked me what had happened .


The fourth paragraph . I remember the parade . I hated it . It was my 11 birthday . For my present she took my only pair of riding boots which were also my only pair of shoes along with my western hat and spray painted them white . This was my present . Then she put me in this stupid parade which I couldn’t wait to get it done . The whole thing was a fiasco as the horse I rode went crazy this night be written about in my book . My sisters always got nice presents . Me , she painted my clothes .

Now this next part is very serious . She accuses me of burglarizing homes at 11 years old . You have read the testimony of John Gregory with regards to this and now here’s the actual facts . I was 11 and as with all my friends we were always sharing things the way most kids do . One evening I went over to my friends house to get his tape recorder to complete a school project , he lived next door . He wasn’t there but the door was unlocked so I went in the way I always did and got the recorder because I wanted to finish my project . When I left I forgot to close the door all the way so when they came home and saw the door open they called the police . John came in to ask me if I knew anything about it . I said yes and that I was using the recorder that very minute . Of course I got in trouble and went next door to apologize . That’s all there was to it . From that day on my mother
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