MARLO  THOMAS                                 


I have made the offer before and the same offer still stands to this very day. I have pledged to my mother Diane Emerich and my half sister by my mother Claudia O’Keefe $100,000.00 cash to take a polygraph exam in regards to this saga and the letter they assisted in writing, but they have refused.


Both of those two have stated under oath of their living in poverty. They have both stated the only money they have is from Diane’s social security and the money they make by selling their junk in their driveway on the weekend.


With this knowledge I would think $100,000.00 for a couples hours of work , if you can call answering questions with a yes or no answer actually work, would be something they would jump at, but no.

They are as broke as broke can be but they wouldn’t take me up on the offer, why?


The money would be held in escrow and upon the completion of the polygraph, lie detection test the money would be theirs. That’s it, just answer some questions honestly and the money is theirs.


If they believe in what they say then they should have no problem taking a lie detector test. Such a test couldn’t even be used in a court so they shouldn’t have any worries, but they won’t take the test.

I believe only a dishonest person would reject an offer such as this.


What gets me is how they sold out to my sister Marlo Thomas by co-writing the fallible letter I have placed on this site for so much less then $100.K which I have pledged but they are un-willing to take a test to back up what they say. Why?


I think we all know why, I think because they’re scared of the truth.


My mother has hated me so much since I was born because my father would not divorce his wife, Marlo’s mother and marry her. He had a fling with her not a love affair and why should he divorce his wife. My mother thought by getting pregnant by Danny Thomas would result in a life time buffet of money which never happened for her and subsequently she hated me for this. She hated me so much that she tried twice to kill me as a child and eventually abandoned me.

One time she actually thought she did kill me when at 8 years of age she knocked me out by breaking a heavy glass water pitcher over my head, when I came too I heard her screaming , “ I killed him”.


She hates me so much so that she would take the truth to her grave even though the truth would help a disabled boy, her own grandson. My mother is truly a contemptible person, one who would rather stay poor then to tell the truth.


An honest person, a person with nothing to hide would not hesitate to take a lie detector test and collect $100,000.00. All she has to do is email me at one of the many email addresses listed on these sites and an attorney would set a date for the test, simple as that, but no, they’re that scared of the truth or they hate me that much or both.


The offer will always stand. 

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