MARLO  THOMAS                                 



                DANNY THOMAS     &    MARLO THOMAS 


                             AS TOLD BY HER BROTHER


                                                       CHRISTOPHER THOMAS



                         The Truth behind Saint Jude Children’s Hospital


     Along with my families lack of willingness to find the truth through Y chromosome DNA testing goes their lack of defending themselves against the accusations of their involvement in the crimes to cover this up.


I have placed court evidence of the crimes I speak about committed by Marlo Thomas on these sites.

These crimes include BRIBERY, CREATING FALSE EVIDENCE FOR COURT, INTERSTATE TRAVEL FOR THE PURPOSE OF COMMITING A CRIME, COLUSION TO COMMIT CRIMES, PURJURY and COLUSION TO COMMIT PURJURY. Some of these are state crimes and some are federal crimes either way these crimes could have put these people before a judge and facing some serious jail time.

As long as nobody protested against my accusations then these crimes would remain silent.

All I have ever asked for was the apology due me by those who committed these crimes against me and my disabled son, but my request for such an apology has gone un-answered. Those people involved , Marlo Thomas, Tony Thomas, Claudia O’keefe and her mother know that by offering an apology they would be admitting guilt and rather then do such they instead say nothing. They don’t defend themselves for fear of being in court and they don’t defend themselves as they know what I speak is the truth.


To also help you understand about the true nature of those involved it was necessary for me to place statements and sites which in themselves demonstrate the disturbing behavior performed by some of these people.


Marlo knew a book was being written by me about this whole saga and her statement with regards to her willingness to commit crimes of murder and bribery have been placed  on the other site,  under the page tab Marlo Thomas page 5. On the last paragraph you can read Marlo’s own words.


As for my father Danny Thomas proof of his infidelity and his deeply disturbing sexual practices are posted all over the internet.

Google search will take you to this information. There are two phrases to enter when searching, they are, (One hand jerking Danny Thomas) and the other is

( Danny Thomas glass table)

I’m not going to explain theses actions as I find them completely disturbing and I’m sure that if anyone had found out their father was involved with such disgusting acts as displayed all over the internet about my father then they as well would not wish to talk about them.

However these many mentions of my father’s sexual practices demonstrate his true character.


There is also the case that I know of as told to me personally by the girl who participated with my father. This involves eating cornflakes with something on top and it wasn’t bananas. This one goes hand in hand with the glass table story.


Just because he built a hospital and was famous doesn’t mean he was an angel.


I have always tried to keep these pictures out of my mind as they have me wondering whether my mother had participated in the same as well, however knowing her as I do I believe the answer is yes for there is nothing the women would not do for money.












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