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                DANNY THOMAS     &    MARLO THOMAS 


                             AS TOLD BY HER BROTHER


                                                       CHRISTOPHER THOMAS



                         The Truth behind Saint Jude Children’s Hospital


My goal on these sites is to assist the reader in understanding the truth behind the darker side of one of America’s more notable families. Just because a family is famous or is part of a noble deed such as the Saint Jude Children’s Hospital does not mean they are incapable of wrongful deeds. The actual truth of the Thomas family is darker then you might think.


The actions which I speak of here and on the other sites are far from noble, these actions are deplorable.


It brings me no great pleasure to publish the wrongful actions of Marlo Thomas and all those involved but it needs to be done.


First I would like to address the DNA which you can read more of in the section about DNA.

I have with the help of detectives collected samples from a known male descendent of Charles Jacob the father of Danny Thomas.This is where the Y chromosone lies. The only true means in which a “male” descendent could be proven to be connected is through the Y chromosome. If you do not have the DNA of the father but you do have a known male descendent of the father then you have the Y chromosome to complete the test which will positively conclusively include or exclude the individual in question.

I have performed this test and the results are posted on this site.

I have no doubt now as to whom my father was and the DNA now confirms my statement that Danny Thomas was my father.


I have offered my brother Tony Thomas the opportunity to see for themselves the truth. All he would need to do is voluntarily take this test.

I have suggested that each of us take the sample of the other, have these samples tested and then compare the test results. Simple as that, a saliva swab and it would all be over.


If the test proved to be negative then a complete apology published by me would occur along with the removal of these sites. If this test proved to be positive, which it is, then they correct the wrong and help the child involved. Either way I would remove the sites.

They have rejected all offers to perform this test, I believe this is because they know the truth and are not willing to face it, why else would people not want to perform such a test.


The results of the Y chromosome test I had performed have been posted on this site for a few years now and not once has anybody protested the placing of these results. If I read or for that matter I think if anyone had read published information which they believed to be lies then I would and I think anybody would take the author to court and demand retraction of the statement, but they never have, Why? The answer is simple, if you know it’s true then you don’t want to go to court.


They both read these sites daily as I have shown on Home Page 2 and why not take this test if in fact it would clear them of wrong doing as they claim, the answer is because it will prove them guilty. It would prove them guilty of the crimes they have committed, crimes which I will display on the Home Page 4.


For me I don’t care who is guilty or innocent only that a serious problem has occurred and an innocent child needs help, this child being the grandson of Danny Thomas.









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