MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies part F

I will continue with my work and anybody who gets hurt because of this work is hurt as a direct result of the crimes Marlo Thomas created and nothing that I will ever do, I’m merely presenting the truth and facts as I have now learned it to be.

This letter will take about 20 minutes to read its entirety however I think this is a well spent 20 minutes as you can now understand just what a gracious offer I presented to the Thomas family, my blood. 


I would like to say one last word before you read this letter.

My intentions of earning capacity from the books I have written has never been for myself to reap any monetary benefits but rather for any money received from the sale of this work will directly go to first my son for his care and medical needs and second to help the sick and disabled children of my future wife’s country where the separation between rich and poor is huge.

I have never asked for one penny for myself although Marlo, Danny , Anthony, the hospital and all those connected with the Thomas family have reaped plenty from my many decades of suffering.



Several of us had toyed with titles for the first book and I do like a title someone had mentioned,


                          His Blood Runs Through Me




                           That Girl, Marlo Thomas


It seems to have a ring to it.

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