MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies II part N


For me, I’m ready to go in any direction and look forward to it as I have now completed my investigations into this matter. 


Yes Mr. Wolf, you can trust that I will govern myself accordingly; I will accordingly continue my work on both of the books and the film with the same honor and tenacity as I have carried with me throughout this entire saga as well as my life and you can trust that I will govern myself accordingly by continuing my websites and placing these recent threats directly on them under the tabs marked Dailies.


The only way I can see you stopping me from publishing my work or continuing the websites would be to prove my words untrue and I just don’t see that happening when I now know by the proof which I have obtained that my words are true.

It is this truth which prevents you or Marlo from any attempt to stop this story from going forward and not any delusional thoughts as you have suggested.


In closing, The only way to end any dispute of this entire case is of course a new DNA test. As I have shown there are many aspects of improper behavior by your clients during the first test which have been proven as fact. Individually each one throws up a huge red flag but combined they clearly spell out reason to have serious doubt the first test had been performed properly and without compromise. 


Again if your clients have nothing to fear then why not adhere to a second test which if found to agree with the first test will be all the information I would need to remove any trace of the Thomas family from the sites and the books along with issuing a strong apology.


I would think that your clients would pleased by my offer to allow them the opportunity to erase any doubt at all and finally confirm that there is in no way any relation between your clients and me exists. The test only includes one person, Anthony Thomas, and only includes a cheek swab. In just days the entire saga as far as your client’s involvement could be over providing this test is done in a fare and impartial fashion as outlined on pg 3.


As I stated if this is performed and only in a fashion which is fare to both parties and proves your clients not to have any relations with me then I will honor any of their requests and after completing such your

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