MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies II part L

before you get your clients into a jam they will not be able to back peddle out of. No matter how much money and how many attorneys she has, in a court room it is only the truth which is at hand and a case of this proportions would surely be scrutinized with extreme caution. The focal point of any court case will center on the DNA and as such a request should be granted.


I assume you’re good at your craft which baffles me as to why you would encourage your clients to continue walking into a hurricane. I cannot understand how you can look directly into the pages containing enough proven facts validating my words and still encourage your clients who are extremely guilty of such acts as mentioned here and on my sites. 


Why in 1993 when my son was on life support did Marlo have investigators find my mother and instruct her to call the hospital and inform the doctor that maybe my son was ill due to drugs which I supposedly had left laying around? Unwarranted slandering.


I was 32 and aside from a brief visit in Florida 15 years earlier I had not seen her in 20 years since she gave me away to the state. She had no way of knowing my son was in the hospital as the only two groups of people who had this knowledge had been my wife, myself and your clients. Furthermore it was discovered that my estranged mother was instructed by Marlo to call the hospital and tell them I was in no way related to Danny Thomas, Why? Why do this while she pretended to act honorably?


So if Marlo had been doing everything possible to check Danny’s medical background in 1993 as she say’s she had been doing then why search for my estranged mother and have her contact the hospital?


This is the first sign of a true sociopath, (to hurt or cause pain to another and watch without emotion)

The name Marlo Thomas will become synonymous with words such as vulgar, disgust and sociopath after my work has been published.

In my opinion, Marlo Thomas is a contemptible self loathing individual with extreme sociopath overviews which have been discussed to great lengths in my work.


This is the duel personality of a sociopath as I just mentioned, Marlo said she was doing one thing which was to help a child while at the same time she was actually doing the complete opposite which caused extreme great pain to my 20 month old son. The sociopath side of Marlo came through when she put her own narcissistic needs in front of a
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