MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies II part K

As for the name calling I expected no less coming from Marlo and her subordinates. Name calling is merely a childish antic to intimidate another which in this case you have completely failed at doing. Children often attempt this when they have nothing else to fall back on, which is the case here, you have absolutely nothing of fact to base your words on, only lies which over the past 12 years have now been divulged by me.


Under the current circumstances and based on all the knowledge I have obtained of this subject I believe your terms are unjust. If after a second test were performed under the proper guidelines and this resulted in exclusion and at such time I continued in the fashion I currently am pursuing then yes, your words would be true and have merit.


Those who have read the websites have stated to me as to how after reading the facts located on the websites they now understand the truth and it is this truth that your clients I believe are trying to hide.


As for rejecting my claim that Marlo Thomas is my half sister this is just more childish name calling and means nothing. This again is something children do when backed into a corner and have no way out. A child will always resort to calling the other person a liar and since you have no proof without severe compromise then these words are nothing more then projected imagery.


Again the truth of a Y chromosome test would put that question completely to rest.

You wish to call me a liar then step up to the plate and legitimately prove it just as I have proven your clients actions to be lies.


As I said I have now spent twelve long years uncovering the truth and I have now found every stitch I needed to find in order to validate my words. This I had to do prior to writing and publishing this story and it took those many years to achieve what I needed to accomplish. This is what my readers have grown to admire, my tenacity to seek the truth.

If I failed to achieve this truth then I could see me being in court for libel so I had to prove everything I said and I have now done just that.


All I have written is fact, backed by fact just waiting to be challenged but it never will be because it is fact. All you have provided has not only been challenged but has all been proven to have faults of great preparations. The one and only principle that could help your clients, providing your clients were true with the first test, is a drop of saliva that you refuse to provide, why?

If I were to offer any advice it would be that you read the entire information I have so graciously provided you with on all three sites
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