MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies II part G

With regards to the case in Ventura it was over the letter and by Diane failing to appear in court demonstrated just how fearful she was of not only being proven  in court to have perjured herself under oath but was also terrified of the ramifications from the criminal acts which she had committed along with your clients.

The judge did say he believed I was sincere in my words, this was all I needed to hear.


I kept the two cases alive long enough to obtain the testimony of my mother and Claudia.

My goal had been to demonstrate her continued attempt to lie under oath and to connect the dots involving your clients actions to my mother and Claudia. If you had obtained the transcripts from both depositions, 2004 & 2008 and even better yet the video I paid for of the last deposition then you will see and read what I was after.


So in my eye’s the case in Ventura was a complete success by providing me with legal avenues with which to pursue a legal investigation into this matter and to finally obtain proof of the crimes committed by Diane, Claudia and as stated by Diane included Marlo & Tony Thomas. Count the number of times I flew back and forth across this country only to contest a motion, I had to keep the case alive to reach the truth and I did just that. I connected the dots and they put Marlo, Tony , my mother and Claudia together in many compromising situations of criminal intent.


If Diane had just told the truth in her letter she created with your clients then I might not have ever questioned the test reports. But when I received that letter and I knew that everything on the pages with the exception of the horse was false then I had to look at everything and everyone involved and it was from that moment on that I continued to find untruths in almost everything I looked into.


If you wish to make reference to my mother and choose to accept her words then you must accept the statements which references your clients conspiring with her to fabricate false evidence and your client’s offer of and their willingness of paying money for her to do so, these are crimes Mr. Wolf. You can’t pick and choose what you want either you except her words and your clients are criminals or you dismiss her words and her statements with regards to my father, any person who could fabricate two completely different rape stories and purge themselves so readily I would dismiss and so too would a judge by dismissing her complete testimony. 


If your client’s stand so affirmed on their words let it be known that I will renounce any statements made against them in connection with any
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