MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies II part G

published material and cease from any further communications “only” upon the exclusion of an uncontested Y chromosome DNA test between Anthony Charles Thomas and myself.


Along with my retraction I will post my most humble apologies.


If the test returns a report of exclusion then I will of course act honorably and withdraw everything.


If the test returns a report of inclusive then I must assume the Thomas’ will finally act honorably, that is if they know what the definition of honor is.

Either way the whole matter can be resolved in just days and we can all finally put this behind us, I have nothing to fear.


This is a true, fare and painless way to end this, if it’s true it’s true and if it’s not it’s not and that’s the end of it. No tricks, no chance to claim improper testing, just a straight forward uncontested DNA Y chromosome test.


I feel though your clients would not offer to perform such a test and it is in my opinion your clients are afraid the public will find out the truth about the first test being corrupt if such a test were performed. Your clients are afraid of nothing but the truth which they should not for if this should turn out to be the result I would merely keep this information to myself and cease all writings.


This test, if performed, would be conducted to “my” specifications and no exceptions will be made. I have witnessed first hand and have now proven the many improper acts orchestrated by your clients just prior to the last test and I will not allow this to happen again.

Unless it is a court ordered test then this new test would include my visually witnessing the cheek swab, (performed at a police station) and me taking possession of this sample without it changing hands. Next I will take my samples to my labs, unknown to any person other then myself and they take their samples to their labs. When completed we compare the reports and if there is a discrepancy then that discrepancy be examined by an arbitrator randomly picked that day. 


I will have you know that it is the opinion of my readers that I have compiled the truth and their belief is that your clients are guilty as said.


The general consensus of my readers is that if your clients are so dead certain that I am not their brother and they stand firm on the findings of the previous test then why not offer to do a test which could, in their

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