MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies II part F



Dear Mr. Wolf,



Let it be known sir that I have never attempted to seek out money from any person involved with this story and any attempt to say such is a deliberate attempt at slandering my name without warrant.


My intentions have always been extremely honorable and were designed to be up front with those involved so as to not cause shock. This is much more then I can say for your clients who have lacked complete moral decency. If the hospital knew about this story ten years ago as you say then it was without my knowledge.


As I have said, if it is ever publicly stated by anyone and ever published by anyone that I have ever attempted to extort money or ever in my 52 years of life have attempted to ask any person connected with this topic for money than I will immediately file a civil action against the accusing party as there has never been any evidence demonstrating any attempt by me to request such and any statement of such would be a direct lie and slander.


Yes it is true that I am selling my work and to the highest bidder and yes it is true that I informed the hospital of my intent to sale my work and yes I did suggest a compromise however it is your greedy conclusion to combine these words to translate this compromise into financial request rather then to comprehend the true meaning of the term compromise as defined in my letter. In the case of my letter the term compromise meant nothing more then the truth and the only way to this truth is a new uncontested DNA test without any of the improper acts such as it has now been proven that your clients had performed during the first test and if you had bothered to ask before accusing then you would have discovered this.


NEVER and I mean NEVER have I ever mentioned receiving money from your clients or any associates of theirs, this will come from my published work as stated. Once more I never mentioned the hospital take action on this but rather suggested they attempt to find out the truth from Marlo and have her correct her actions before the hospital financially suffers from such actions.


I merely explained how it is the actions of Marlo Thomas which will cause great financial loss to the hospital if this is not resolved and the only way this can be resolved is with a compromise.

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