MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies II part D

an unquestionable result. This DNA test would confirm once and for all whether I am in fact her brother and what I say is true or if what I say is in fact lies.  

Marlo stated once “We want to find out if he is our brother and if so welcome him into the family.” This is her opportunity to actually prove it, prove she wants to actually find out and that her words are true.


I publicly state and with all convictions label my sister Marlo Thomas and brother Anthony Charles Thomas criminals of the worst kind backed by proof. I have offered the two the chance to prove otherwise but they refused. Marlo is hiding from the truth and she is completely terrified of the public finding out about their deep dark secret.  


A DNA test with only saliva and she could end everything by confirming her words to be true and prove me to be the liar she say’s but she won’t, why?

Why would Marlo Thomas refuse such an offer? Because the words of

Marlo Thomas are lies and she knows it, she knows I am her brother and no matter how many people she pays money to help her hide this fact she will never be able to change the fact that I am just that, her brother, related by the very father who made her Marlo.


Marlo Thomas has stated she believes that even after reading everything on these sites every person who reads this news would be so ignorant and lack the mental capacity to compute the facts and come to the same conclusion as I have stated here in my words.

She would like the public to believe as this being her only reason for not refuting anything I have written. On these sites I make some very strong accusations of serious nature against some extremely well known names, however these accusations are backed by undisputed facts placed here on these sites.



I have offered Marlo the chance at an uncontestable DNA test for her own knowledge though I have already performed such a test and have posted the findings.


I had investigators trace down the entire male bloodline from Danny’s father, my grandfather, who were still alive then I had a couple male family members volunteer to provide a sample for DNA testing. I posted the results from a test on the page marked DNA and it reads exactly what I am saying.

So read the offer of mine which I sent in response to her threats. It’s very clear that her threats mean nothing to me as you can now see I am posting more and not removing anything.

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