MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies II part C

The affair between Danny Thomas and my mother was merely for sexual gratification.

Danny Thomas was a pervert of the worst kind who bought women and used them for his own disgusting desires. After my father, Danny Thomas, had engaged in sex a few times with my mother he had finally requested the glass table routine (listed in the letter below) and she laughingly refused to comply with his requests. I understand this infuriated him and in his embarrassment he began slapping her around and then forced himself upon her. He paid her thousands of dollars to forget about it which is why she never went to the police or hospital as stated by her in the posted deposition transcripts.

When it became apparent that he had fathered a child with her he again paid her thousands of dollars along with a sports car to go away. However he did visit me as a child though after the age 8 he never again saw me until the picture he was holding when he suffered his fatal heart attack.


This complete truth which I have now uncovered is about to unfold and it is this knowledge that has Marlo extremely scared of becoming public.

This was in my opinion what caused my father’s massive heart attack as he lay dying holding my picture, remembering what he had done, it was my face, a face from the past that was the last face he ever saw on this earth.


My sister’s recent threats included criminal actions against me if I don’t stop my writing. In response to her letter, I sent to her attorney the letter you can read which is posted over the next few pages marked Dailies part a,b and so on.


As I said her threats are meaningless as she hasn’t a chance in hell of me ending my story without a compromise.

I did offer to end everything under a compromise as I have always offered but my sister already knows the outcome just as I do.

I offered my sister Marlo the opportunity to end all I have written, the websites one of which bares her name. I offered my sister Marlo the opportunity to end the books I have written which discuss her in great detail and I have offered my sister the opportunity for me to offer an unconditional letter of apology for all my actions and all it would cost her is nothing.


Marlo claims my words are lies so along with the foregoing I offered her a chance to prove it.

I told Marlo that there is only one way to prove there is absolutely no relationship between myself and her. The Y chromosome DNA test between Anthony Charles Thomas and myself is the only way that suspected brothers from a deceased father could include or exclude with
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