MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies II part B

I have spent the past 12 years investigating this case with the assistance of several P.I’s and have found the criminal acts performed by Marlo Thomas and our brother Anthony Charles Thomas to have been done so for the purpose of hiding their guilt and involvement in several federal crimes.


Marlo could not allow herself to be related to a bastard half brother so when it became apparent that she actually is she proceeded in the only manner of which she has come accustomed too. She used her money and influence by paying off all those connected with in this case in order to buy their silence.


I have heard from sources who were present when my two siblings first initiated the original acts in 1993 that Marlo Thomas was heard saying, “We have to hide this shit, no matter what it costs no matter what it takes we have to hide it. We can never have it known that our father F#@%ed around with some white trash bitch like that and had a bastard, it’ll destroy our name, our family, our father’s name and it will destroy the hospital.”


I don’t see how our father having a bastard son could hurt his reputation more then his disgusting sexual habits once the truth about our father’s perverted lifestyle becomes widely known.


It’s Marlo’s actions that will bring harm to the hospital and not anything I do, I have acted in the most honorable fashion a person could and have held my tongue for far too long considering the needless pain and suffering their actions have caused a severely sick and disabled child. Soon I will finally release the complete true story from the very beginning.

I have tried to remain silent for so very long from telling everything I know but very soon the complete story will come forward.


Here for the very first time I will finally and briefly give a glimps into the conclusion of what I have learned over these many years of hiring investigators for this case. I had tried to keep everything I have learned about the encounter between my mother and my father Danny Thomas a closely guarded secret.

I have written about the brief affair between them but in reality I was sugar coating it pretty hard. Nobody really wants to envision their father and mother in such a way as I have learned it to be but as I have said to tell this story I must be truthful.

 To tell the truth sometimes hurts a great deal, but this story is about truth which is why I have placed so much evidence for all to see. Marlo has only lies which have been proven to be just that, lies.


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