MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies II page M


seriously sick child and did so without a care for this child and by doing so causing him extreme pain.


Why at the time of learning about a book, some seven years later, did Marlo feel the sudden need to say she wanted to find out, why not in 1993 when my son , her nephew, needed help?

In my opinion it’s because Marlo never wanted know the truth about our relation and thought she was done with this. 


Why when confronted about my book in 1999 did Marlo try so hard to locate my mother who was now on the east coast and once found proceeded to make financial arraignments with her to create false evidence for court prior to the test while at the same time saying to me “We want to find out and if so welcome him into the family”?


This again is the sociopath side of Marlo, lying to keep a person in trust while planning the attack from the rear. Nothing honest or trustworthy about this person’s behavior as she lies when she needs too regardless of whom it hurts.


Why would Marlo engage in financial arraignments with my estranged mother to keep this information from going to the tabloids if there is absolutely no truth to the statement that Marlo is my half sister?

Why try so hard to hide something that has no truth?


Conclusion and findings; It’s my opinion Marlo never had any intentions of finding the truth or helping my son but rather did everything possible to endanger my son’s life. Why wait seven years until I presented a brief of a manuscript about this before “acting” as though she had concern?


These words were false as Marlo had already invested so much into procuring, crafting and conspiring with others to prevent the truth from coming forward.


If Marlo actually had true intentions of acting honorably she would have acted honorably that very day in 1993.


Mr. Wolf, I now know everything or at least enough of everything that has transpired from the moment Marlo was contacted by the attorney with regards to my son in 1993 until just recently and I can honestly say there is only one of three ways for this to end. In court where we will bring forth everything and obtain the DNA sample, a compromise which is very simple and then I leave this country to live with my future wife in her country or the material becoming public where it will drag on for many years.



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