MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies II page J

witnesses were your client’s witnesses and instructed by your clients to purge themselves.


Without the compromise by your clients of such a test or without a court order preventing me from preceding I see no reason to not continue with my work as stated. Therefore I do anticipate the release of the first book to be very soon now that my last obligation to inform the hospital of my intentions has been completed.

Of course I will make sure to provide a copy to all those talked about in the book.


Since you have mentioned mental illness I will tell you about a short chapter I included in my book His Blood Runs Through Me titled, The Sick and Dangerous Mind of a Sociopath


I cannot say for sure but I have never heard of anything sicker then the duel personality of Danny Thomas and the extremely sick fetish he engaged himself in which consisted of not only rubbing human excrement all over himself while engaging in sexual escapades with prostitutes but rather the extremely filthy disgusting habit of eating human excrement placed from these prostitutes onto a bowl of Corn Flakes, I’ve always used sugar myself.

I pull no punches in the books and unfortunately the work is extremely unflattering to your clients but everything is fact as stated by eye witnesses, public knowledge, publicly published information and testimony.



This personal habits of Danny Thomas are extremely disturbing as well as disgusting and I have written about this in great detail as part of this chapter. Danny Thomas is mentioned about in this chapter as for his living a lie to the American people with his two completely different personalities, a true sociopath. This chapter is also about the people who created the criminal acts and lies mentioned in my story. Marlo is talked about much in this chapter as she is without a doubt by all definitions a true sociopath.


In fact if you had read the sites then you would have read the very first judges statement which clearly states the person who wrote the original letter must have been in a nut house.

The letter referred to by the judge is the letter your clients and Diane had collaborated on creating as stated by Diane. As you can read her statement of how Marlo had co-wrote the false evidence for the purpose of entering this evidence into court, this was completed just days prior to the test. It is your client Marlo Thomas and her witness that a judge was calling crazy.

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