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Dailies II page I

eye’s absolutely vindicate them against all accusations rather then to allow such information as placed on the websites to continue without any rebuttal.


It is the opinion of my readers that the Thomas’ knew the first test were fallible and know I am their half brother and according to these readers it is this relationship your clients are trying so hard to hide..


As I have stated, in the event that any court proceedings are brought forward I will immediately petition the court for a Y chromosome DNA test, the only true test to determine fatherhood of a deceased father between suspected brothers of the same father.


My request will be based upon the information written in a letter obtained from one of the 3 labs which clearly demonstrates the verbiage used in the reports are misrepresenting of the facts and therefore the tests are not an exclusion as stated but should be changed to read inconclusive which leaves “doubt”. This statement from the lab I do have and this letter has been placed in the book titled His Blood Runs Through Me.

I must say that if your clients continue to maintain their position on this subject and there being a letter of such casting doubt on the entire DNA process then why not perform such a small task to clarify and confirm their position to be true. Everyone believes the answer to be that a new Y chromosome test would prove the first tests were rigged.


I will further base my request for this new test on the evidence that there had been deliberate mishandling by your clients of key components in the testing procedure during the period of the tests and therefore warranting a new test. This is fact and your clients have been proven by their own words and by the words of the attorney at the time to be the initiators of this act which the evidence undisputedly demonstrates.


How and why would your clients do this? Why would your clients divert from the agreed process in such a huge way?  My opinion is to hide the truth.


Along with the foregoing we will further support this request by giving proof to the court of knowingly fallible evidence being created in conjunction with the DNA test. The parties involved had been carefully crafted and created with monetary offers made by “your clients”, the opposing party in the test, and those criminal acts with these parties had occurred just day’s prior to the test. Furthermore some of these persons with whom the fabrication had been made have now been proven to have perjured themselves several times during the court proceedings involving this case and relating to the DNA tests and that these purged
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