MARLO  THOMAS                                 

Dailies II

part a



Every now and then I hear from my half sister Marlo Thomas with serious threats and just recently came the latest one.

I have always said “When a person threatens somebody they had better get going and do what they say or their threats are just more proof of their lies and guilt.”


It’s been my experience in life that when a threat is as thin as the air at 30,000 feet one must question the integrity of the threat and the person making the threats.

A threat without action is just that, NOTHING but empty words. The threats my sister Marlo Thomas continues to make are just that, empty words backed by only lies.


I have said this before and I will continue to say this, “If it were anybody other then me saying these things about Marlo Thomas they would find themselves in court faster then the speed of light.


Marlo never will attempt to stop me as she knows any attempt at such will be met by me and the truth in court and a person of such comtemtable behaviour such as I state Marlo Thomas to hold can’t have this in the open forum. If this ever did go to court the truth the Thomas family has been hiding for over 52 years and all their actions to cover this up would surly come out. Their elite status and reputation would crash and their colors would be shown to be lower then a person could ever imagine.”


When you accuse one of America’s wealthiest elite families of committing crimes and deliberately harming a sick and disabled child you better have your facts straight especially when it’s Marlo Thomas you’re talking about. In this case every t is crossed and every i is dotted and my sister has no legal recourse to end this.


We’ve always heard it said, motive, means and opportunity. These are the formulas needed to commit a crime, in this case Marlo had all three including the most important of all, reason.


Last week after I had sent out the most gracious forewarning of the pending release of my two books to those most closely discussed about in the work, I received a letter in return filled with the hateful and nasty words of my sister Marlo Thomas which included great threats.


Her words were threats of great magnitudes informing me that if I do not remove the websites and cease my work involving the books I have wrote displaying everything then I would suffer great measures.

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