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 Here I will post things that happen as the days go by

I ask myself this question all the time only because the same is asked of me more often.

So this week of October 18th 2011 I was asked once again as I often have been asked, “Why do the same people who did these disgusting acts to you and your sons, why would they read these sites so much.”


This question I know I have written about here and there throughout these sites but I always search for the true reason of why would 4 people from 2 extremely different backgrounds read over and over the horrible, disgusting, immoral, hateful, hurtful and criminal acts of which they have committed as a team.


Does this make them feel proud to know how collectively they not only perpetuated the pain and suffering of a 19 month old child but

also are a large contributing factor to his continued pain and suffering, pain and suffering which I have seen him go through for the past 18 years.


For 18 years Kyler has suffered dearly, they knew then as they now know that Kyler is the grandson of Danny Thomas.

Marlo Thomas & Tony Thomas both knew this as did my mother Diane and half sister Claudia, whom in 55 years has never parted from her mother.  


They all know I am Danny’s son and yet even after proving in court what they did, after uncontested testimony from eye witnesses confirming my words to be true and displaying the actual DNA test of which I would be more then comfortable allowing them to challenge, these people, my blood, still continue to cause my son Kyler extreme pain.


He will suffer everyday for the remainder of his live and this all could have been avoided if only the persons who I accuse of inflicting this carnage upon his being had performed with dignity and honor when needed.


So, the million dollar question, Why? Why read there own terrible actions everyday, several times per day?

After being asked this question again I decided to check just how many times over the past 10 days they looked and read all three of these sites.

Well over the past 10 days they read these sites 446 times or 46 times per day. Now they did slow down a bit after I posted the page showing how many times over the last year but still 46 times a day.


So again I ask the question, why read?


Here’s some possible reasons.


(1)   They like to read about themselves. I know this is true about Marlo as for the first few years she mostly viewed the pages about her though recently she has redirected much of her attention towards the Diana site.

(2)   They like to read about how much pain they put my son through.

There must be some truth to this for they continue to hurt my son. You see if all 4 wanted to actually to help my son then they would do so. First they would compare the true DNA and if this matched, which it does, then we would have a direction to help him and if it doesn’t, which it wouldn’t, then all my attention could be focused on my son instead of diverting half of it to seeking the answers the doctors need and that these four keep hidden.


(3)   They like to see how much pain I went through for them and it makes them feel good.

All I remember from my childhood was being beat almost everyday. Everyday I was beat at either the hands of my mother or her husband but mostly by her husband. All I remember are the beatings and how much I hurt. Does it make them feel good knowing I took these beatings for them, all of them, Marlo, Tony, my mother and her daughter? Out of all the reasons this one seems the most plausible as I remember how my mother and her daughter Claudia would laugh, as I, a small child, would be stripped naked and severely beat almost daily.


(4)   They’re scared of what else is coming.

These books are coming, this is a for sure deal. Even if I pass away before they are finished the books will be completed. The only thing that would stop these two books from being published would be a compromise between the five of us.


(5)   It’s their way of being close to me and still keeping their distance, though this I highly doubt.

(6)   That’s it, I don’t have anymore, why else would they read these sites so many times a day, I don’t read them. I write down things on these sites when I feel like writing something and most of the time I never re-read any of it.



Any one of those answers is a sick and disturbing answer but I just can’t think of why else would they be so obsessed with reading these sites, you tell me, I’d sure like to hear it.


Sick and disturbing is what I say and remember it was Marlo and Tony Thomas , the head of the Board for Saint Jude Children’s Hospital who concocted the entire criminal part.


If they’re actually wondering what’s coming next then they’ll need to go to You tube. We’ve been editing some of the deposition and we will have this in place November 21st, they should love it, this is some great stuff. Diane and Claudia are really going to get there  15 minutes of fame, You Tube style.

I’m just working on the title for the clips, maybe, The Worst Mother or The Bitch is Back or maybe, The Craziest Woman/Mother in the world.

She is as crazy as it gets and you will now have a chance to see just how much of a compulsive, pathological, sociopath liar that Diane and Claudia are.


       I’m actually amazed to see just how many people read these     sites on a regular basis. What started out as a way for me to release some stress as well as have some evidence of the truth in case I should meet my maker before the books come out has turned into a steady stream of readers from over 90 different countries around the world.


There are 196 countries in the world and people from over half of them are reading these sites.


I believe from the many emails I receive and the mass amount of different countries who read these sites that the two books will need to be published in dozens of different languages.


Even the very same people they tried so hard to keep this from have contacted me with interest, the tabloids. These aren’t tabloids in the U.S. but rather tabloids from every where, places like the UK, Brazil, Russia and Asia.


For some reason there are many in Asia, my future home, who just can not get enough of this story.


What’s intriguing is my family could straighten this out at anytime

but they won’t. They’d rather continue to cause pain to one of their own, my son, rather then find honor.


Remember what I said about coincidence? Well it happened again.

Just the other day a man walked into my business who needed some work done. He was a very nice elderly gentleman and after talking

about his needs he turned and saw the picture of my father which I keep on the wall behind the register. He asked me why I had a picture of Danny Thomas on the wall and I replied that I keep my father’s picture hanging where he sort of looks out for the place. He said in a shocked manner, “did you say he was your father” I said yes and then we began to talk for some time.

It turns out this man was not only a very close friend of my father but he also worked for him as well. He said he was one of the writers who back in the 1950s wrote for his television show, Make Room For Daddy and continued to write for him throughout his career. Another person who was made wealthy by my father and now he was here to see about my company doing some work for him

Wouldn’t that be funny if he paid me from money he earned from my dad. It sort of is because the money he earned and invested derived from my father. 


Standing right there in front of me was one of the people who assisted in creating my father.

Not only was he one of my fathers writers and close friend but after he told me his address it turns out that this man and I been neighbors for the past 12 years, living on the same street, at the same beach, just a few feet from each other and never knew it.

I believe the first thing he did as he began walking away was to call my sister Marlo. He left in almost the same condition as the person named Buddy mentioned in the coincidence pages on the


A small world, just a month or so back I learned the mother of Judy Lewis, the woman whom I had been writing to for years had been the Godmother to my sister Marlo and now this.

He also told me how he knew this woman Judy Lewis as well. I think I forgot to mention that the father of Judy Lewis, Clark Gabel’s house was also just a few feet from my home his at the beach.


Yes, I’d say it’s a very small world.    


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