MARLO  THOMAS                                 


This cordial communication went on over the years and just recently, because I’m now coming close to the end of these two books I felt extremely compelled to be straight with her as to just who I was and the names involved.

So with some reservations I allowed her the websites and my fathers name which left me un-sure as to just how she would react.


What came next surprised even me which is a very hard event to accomplish considering so many odd encounters of such similarities have been bestowed upon me.

What I received back from her was the email I had cut and pasted below.

So here you go, in her own words, verbatim, her email following the email which I sent her informing her of my identity and those involved.




My dear Christopher:


There are indeed six degrees pf separation.  We are all connected in this world, and, you and I are connected through the relationships that my mother had with your father.  My mother was Marlo's Godmother, but I'm sure you know that.  She has written about me in her book.  Everybody knew about my lineage but me.


Your story is touching and so very sad.  I can't imagine what is was like for you to have your son so ill.  I'm so sorry for your pain.


I will of course look at your websites and keep you in my prayers.




Judy Lewis

On Jul 1, 2011, at 2:44 AM


Who is this woman?

You’ll be shocked at the answer.

This woman’s mother was at the request of my father, Danny Thomas the godmother of my half sister Marlo Thomas and her email you just read is her thoughts about what has been done to me and my son.

Can you believe this, I’ve been corresponding with a woman over several years and this doctor turns out to be the daughter of the godmother of my sister Marlo.

This sort of makes her Marlo’s sister although not by blood, almost unbelievable but just like this whole story, it’s absolutely incredibly true .

All these years of emailing back and fourth and now this, without her knowing who I was and now this. It is in fact a very small world and to me I think all of these coincidence’s are for a reason.

All these extremely close connections to my father some how find their way to me, what do I say, what can I say , what has happened over the past 51 years has some sort of energy attached to it that I just can’t explain. These things won’t end I believe until this
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