MARLO  THOMAS                                 


                                          COINCENDENCE OR ?




Many of the readers of this site have had their own questions but now I finally have one for everybody else.


Does life have a laid out plan or are we going through life on a wayward adventure?


I myself think all things are connected, some forces are stronger then others and no matter how hard one tries to change the course certain things just can’t be avoided.

This whole case I believe is one of those and it will never end until the parties involved get it together until then it will only grow.

This page is comprised of a chapter I wrote converging on this very subject, It gives reason to believe there is more to life then we might think or understand.


This page is about the strong connection that follows us through life that we just can’t explain. Perhaps if it was just once or twice I would shrug it off, however being of so many and such close ties brings me to believe, there’s more to life then we think.


So I say this, please read these couple pages and then you decide but for now I’ll start with the latest occurrence as I think this is absolutely astonishing.


I must say, for some reason this thing just won’t go away. Every time I turn around some degree of separation appears. It’s actually just something that’s meant to be.

Like a magnet this connection keeps on growing and if you have been following this whole saga then this will be another compelling addition for you.



Several years back, while I had been dealing with the court aspect of this escapade and after listening to the countless convoluted perjuries which had continuously spewed out of the opposing sides mouths without resistance of any soulful consciousness   I had began to feel extremely overloaded in the mental pain department. The pain which had been bestowed upon to both me and my son throughout these years had finally begun to take its toll and I now felt the need to seek out some professional assistance to help sort things out.


I had no idea as to where to find such a person as I had never felt the strong desire that I now had for this type of help so I turned to the one place we all do, the web where after

some checking around I found a doctor who I had felt comfortable enough with to talk with.

This person and I chatted quite nicely many times over the years and though I had felt comfortable talking with her I had never divulged the names involved. I never wanted her to judge me on the name but to rather understand what I’d been through and just how much fatigue all this has burdened me with.


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