MARLO  THOMAS                                 



Beginning to see what I mean, here’s just a couple more before you go.


I have this company and a couple of years back I hired someone.
Carlo had seen the book I was working on whereupon after seeing the picture with the book he asked me about the picture of Danny Thomas.

I told him the same as I had told Buddy, that he was my father and this was a book about the whole ordeal I had gone through.


He then told me about how he had come to this country from South America back in the 80s and about the very first job he had here. He said his first job was working at an estate were he washed the cars, did yard maintenance, and a whole host of other things.

He said the wife of the man he worked for was so crazy that she thought world war III was bound to happen so she stalked a 12,000 square foot basement with about $500,000 worth of supplies.

He said how because a rabbit had taken a drink of water out of the swimming pool that she had him completely drain the pool, sterilize it and refill it.

He told me how this family with the exception of the man he worked for would actually look down on all people who worked for a living and referred to them all as common low lifes.

Now just how does this connect my family to me? Well you see this estate just happened to be Casa De La Rosa and the owner of the estate and man he worked for, you guessed it, Danny Thomas, my father.


When he moved on I remember saying how funny it was that my father had been the first person he worked for in this country and I, his son, was the last.



Now this last one or two in one I should say is very strange.


Since these last two are both basically the same case scenario I’ll tell you about one of them.


Way back around 1980 I was up in Vancouver Washington there I had met a girl through another. I had only known her the one night and after what I found out the following morning would for sure make it my last.

When I woke the next morning I noticed an autographed picture of, you guessed it, Danny Thomas.

When I asked how she got an autographed picture of Danny Thomas she said she told me she travels to Los Angeles at times to meet him and in fact she just returned the day before from seeing him.

I never did tell her who I was though I did ask about his fetishes of which after hearing the answer I was sickened. I never saw her again.

This same thing happened again down in Florida. Can you believe that, I mean just what are the odds that out of the blue a son and father meet up with the same women?

Now that I think about it, the first girl case seems almost comical in comparison to Paulo.My father had been the she was the day before me and at that moment I was the last.   






















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