MARLO  THOMAS                                 


ends and unfortunately for those involved with this quandary, the publishing of these books will be the act which ends this thing of ours.

The doctor mentioned above also happens to be the bastard daughter of Clark Gable and Loretta Young she too was hid and lied about so both Clark Gable and her mother’s career would not flounder. She had told me that she had been placed in an orphanage when she was born and then a pretend adoption by her then famous parents was performed. 50 , 60 years ago people were crucified by Hollywood for giving birth outside of wedlock so many of us were hidden. Her name is Judy Lewis.





Now that you’ve read the above I will share with you just some of the many other close encounters of this energy flow which has connected my family to me for so long.


Without ever trying these events continue to come and just as the encounter with the last person I believe you will find these equally as fascinating.



There was the time I moved. My wife and I were moving and I had no time to look for a house so my wife went looking for one. My only request was to find a house in the town of Valencia where she did. A couple of months later while I meeting the neighbors I had been introduced to a man who lived across the street. Nothing odd about this person with the exception this neighbor turned out to be my cousin, (not by blood.)

 He was the son of my father’s wife’s sister, his name, Steve Smith.


About a year later I divorced my wife and decided to move to a home where I could have a boat docked behind the house.

I had come to know my immediate neighbor of the new house quite well over the years and then one day he came into my garage where I was working, I had been taking a break and was reading the book my father wrote, Make Room For Daddy. He saw the picture of my father on the cover of the book and told me he had some pictures I might like to see.

Until now he did not know Danny was my father.

He left and shortly returned with a small book of pictures which he then showed to me. They were pictures of his high school days, nothing unusual except they included my half sister Marlo Thomas.

He said, “Your sister and me sat at the same desk in high school, in those day’s,” he went on to say, “the students shared their desks, one student would sit on each side of the desk and your sister was my desk partner.” Before he left he paid me one of the highest compliments I have ever received.

He said, “you’re the most honorable and admirable person I have ever met.” Now that must have included my sister as he had known her quite well. This man’s name is Robert Taylor.




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