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I was doing some edit work and felt like pasting these few pages from the book . This is from the forward though not the final draft

                                          HIS BLOOD RUNS THROUGH ME






I’m not a writer that is to say it’s not something I make a living at, I leave that craft to the true artisans of literature. What I am is a story teller, I inherited the great gift of story telling among many other attributes from my father. I remember listening to someone talk about my father on the television who simply said, he was a great story teller.

All I inherited from my father were his traits and story telling was one of them, however when I say I’m no writer I meant don’t expect Shakespeare, but if you bare with me, I’ll tell you about a story that’ll leave your head shaking as if to say , What the hell did this really happen?

This story is absolutely real, not even top Hollywood script writers could come up with a plot line such as this. I have been told by the best just how compelling this story is, I hope you agree.


 For me the only the way I know how to tell a story is just to tell it. I thought about working with true writers to tackle the task however no matter how well they wrote they didn’t live it, they weren’t there and as such they just couldn’t envision what I knew.

Pain is pretty hard emotion to convey, if you hadn’t seen it, lived it, felt it, touched it and breathed it, then you just don’t understand and no matter how good a writer they are they just couldn’t possibly convey the story with the true grit it deserved. So I’ll just tell this story in my own words and as crude and un-refined as the words may be they will be my words…………. I know…………. I was there.


It’s kind of hard to imagine but this story would never have been told if only for a simple apology.

When you’ve done wrong and you’ve hurt people by committing crimes coupled with the lack of compassion for those you’ve hurt then an apology is the last thing a person would typically do. To apologize is a most humbling human act which one can perform an act which takes heart and heart is something I believe those I write about in this book seriously lack.


The way I believe the characters of this book saw it there were only four choices to end this story from being published.

The first was to create false evidence for court in order to prove the story to be untrue.

This evidence was challenged in a court of law and with ten years of legal actions this fake evidence was put right where it belonged, in the trash can.


That left three choices. The next two options as stated by the main instigator herself in a statement and I do quote her “Nobody would ever dare write a book about me , “I’d either pay the fuckers off or I’d kill them..” The meaning of this statement is quite clear, write a book about this woman and die.

These are not exactly the words you’d expect to hear coming from the head of the board of directors for the Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital and sweet lovable That Girl actress, Marlo Thomas. But those are her words, kill or pay off, but then there’s the third choice, just admit what they did wrong and apologize.



First , for the past 10 years I have had published viewable websites explaining the entire criminal acts spear headed by my half sister, Marlo Thomas, who committed these acts in order to cover all this up and I’m still standing, so I think murder is highly un-likely.

Next my half sister Marlo, through her attorney, tried the pay but that failed.

This now brings me to an apology.  

Apologize is not something Marlo Thomas will ever do, Marlo has stated that all those beneath her are commoners and she , the supreme Marlo Thomas would never bow to such as a commoner by apologizing, even if that commoner was her own brother.


So because of her actions and lack of moral action this book is written. 


Can you imagine living in the biggest mansion in Beverly Hills? Having the best of everything, butlers at your disposal , never getting your feet dirty? Can you imagine being treated like royalty everywhere you went on this planet, never wanting for anything?

At what price would you pay for this life, would you sell  your child?

If all you had to do was sell your baby and you’d live like this for the rest of your life would you do it? Only one catch , nobody could ever find out and if they did you’d loose everything.

Could you do this and truly live your life guilt free?

This story is about a man who did just that he sold his son for wealth and eventually paid the price. This story is about those who committed criminal acts and seriously hurt a disabled child to continue the cover up. But mostly this story is about the child who was sold only to keep the wealth and respect.

                        Fifty years ago this country and the people who lived here were much different then today. What is now considered normal was much different back then. Morals and ethics have changed greatly throughout the decades. In the 1950s there was positively no nudity or profanity on television and having a bastard son while being married in the 1950s was social suicide especially if you were famous, and in the 1950s there weren’t too many more famous then that of Danny Thomas.

Aside from being an enormous entertainer Danny Thomas was the center of what made the country move in the television industry. Almost everything we know today about the business including the stars we now know of began with him and when he was here he was king.

But this story only begins with Danny Thomas and unfortunately it ends with his severely disabled grandson along with the immoral, distasteful and criminal acts performed by those such as my big sister Marlo Thomas who had intentionally brought dire harm to this child to continue the cover up and live the life of wealth and respect, a false respect.


In this book you’ll read first hand about the true un-told story of the other side of the Danny Thomas family, my side, I was that bastard son and brother everyone tried so hard to hide.

I was hidden away in foster homes and lived horrors no child ever should ever endure only to protect the family name and their money. My life was sold and sacrificed so the Thomas family, my family, could live their life in splendor. I lived hidden away only to protect my family and this is the way it would have remained if only my sister Marlo Thomas had lived as honorable as me.

After decades passing I too became a father though tragically my 19 month old son fell into a coma. Ten days after I was told by the professor of pediatrics at UCLA that in order to save my son it was dire that he review my father’s medical history. Instead of doing so my big sister Marlo Thomas did everything in her power to cover this up and distance herself, this included committing many felony criminal acts.

Finally, after witnessing these severe criminal acts perpetrated against me and my disabled son I decided to break the silence. Now for the first time ever, here before you, in my own words is the true story of the other side of the Danny Thomas family and just how I uncovered the complete criminal acts performed by my big sister Marlo Thomas to cover up her illegal actions.

You’ll have a chance to see the transcripts from the proceedings which completely spell out the deep involvement initiated by America’s sweetheart, Marlo Thomas.   


I remember there was a time when after someone had looked at the pictures of me and my father and said,” You look just like your father” that I stopped and thought deep for a moment.

I began to think about all the nephews, nieces, cousins, sisters and a brother who I’ll never know. I remember thinking how they all have the same blood as Danny Thomas running through their veins and then I remember saying to myself, no matter what has been done against me to hide this, “His Blood Runs Through Me.”



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