MARLO  THOMAS                                 


By now you know a bit about me and most of what you don’t know you’ll be able to read in the two volumes of this story.


There are a few things about me that I’ll be glad to share with you and some of these I already have if you’ve followed this story.


I have always been the person whom I described and you can read about in the forward book pages under the same name tab.

I gave myself for the Saint Jude Hospital even though I have never received a thank you.


Giving is something which my father gave me, just one of the traits I inherited from him.

With this being the case you will now understand what I’m about to say.


The very first reason for this book was to tell the true story of my family not the made up version my sister Marlo wants you to believe.

Second is to help my son receive the medical resources he so strongly needs, something that should already have been done seeing that it was me who suffered so the Saint Jude Hospital could flourish.


Like I said before, if it was anyone else they would have been hit with a restraining order to cease the writing and end these web sites, but they know I speak of nothing but the truth on this site and if my family wishes to try and end these sites as well as the book then Marlo would just expose herself to be questioned under oath and she couldn’t have that as the truth of her involvement in crimes would then come forward by her own words.



These people hate me so much that rather then end this and solve the situation they remain silent. This story was bound to come out sooner or later, time doesn't really matter just as long as it's told. I have to tell you,
mother at 13 where thrown as a child to live the unbelievable horrors of the streets to later in life watching my own son suffer harshly at the orders of my sister Marlo Thomas.

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