MARLO  THOMAS                                 
This and other sites have told the truth about Marlo Thomas for the past eight years, though given every opportunity to refute these words or take action she still hides. 
Don't be fooled by her sweet dispossession of the St. Jude commercials. She's only doing what she does, act. Marlo earns from the donations you send and the more you send the more for her. Greed is her only motto.

         I accuse Marlo Thomas of orchestrating the most despised criminal acts of our culture and what I say here will never be disputed by her. The reason she'll never have any of her high priced attorneys attempt to end these sites is because she is in fact guilty of what is said here and by disputing these words Marlo Thomas would now be forced into court where the truth would come out. 

I accuse Marlo Thomas of orchestrating the most despised criminal acts of today's society.  
Bringing great harm to a child is one of the worst acts in our culture. One of the most despicable acts despised by our culture is inflicting great harm not only to a child but to a severely disabled child. This is a true monster who would harm a disabled child but why Marlo Thomas did these things and to whom she did this too elevates this criminal from Monster to a Sociopath Monster.
The child Marlo harmed is her own nephew and why she did this is for money and preservation for her reputation. 

The tabs on the left along with tabs on another site, , are comprised from solid indisputable facts and court testimony substantiating my accusations.  
So many people in this country have been orphaned, disowned by the parents or as a result of a dead beat father are bastards. As a result they've always been treated as third rate. This is where Marlo Thomas comes in. 

When my son was dying and on life support I was told how I ad one chance to help, I had to check my father's medical history. I contacted the person who could do this, my sister from the father who abandoned me to save his reputation and wealth, the name of my sister is Marlo Thomas and the name of our father, Danny Thomas.

There are always two sides to every story and although I have been gracious in allowing Marlo the opportunity to publicly refute my words or take me to court Marlo merely denies these accusations but court is something she'll never do.



                                               DANNY THOMAS     &    MARLO THOMAS 


                                                           AS TOLD BY HER BROTHER


                                                                          CHRISTOPHER THOMAS


The tests performed and displayed on these sites demonstrate the truth as to my heritage, should I be treated any different then Marlo only because my father paid some woman to keep me, his bastard son unknown to the people?  

This website tells how Marlo Thomas intentionally inflicted harm on my infant child who was on life support and how her actions 
twice killed my child and although he was revived the actions of Marlo Thomas has left him severely disabled. 

Out of this story has grown another website for children rights and can be seen at Many children are thrown away each year and any one of these children could be carriers of a potentially fatal genetic defect of which they are completely unaware they have and could pass on to their own children. 

Keep in mind that I have never wanted anything to do with my Marlo and in over 50 years I have never asked for one dime, I have only persued this for the sake of my son.

All I have ever asked for is a voluntarily performed Y chromosome DNA test which has been refused. Think about this, if a person had nothing to fear and could vindicate themselves by offering a dab of spit and this would end everything then why not just offer a sample and be done with it. 

If it were not for the actions of Marlo Thomas these sites would not exsist.



We live in a world much different then the generations before. I remember growing up 50 years ago and hearing always of how a person should stand up and admit to one’s mistake. Today everywhere I look I see as the complete opposite, it seems to me that the rule of thumb in our society is to never admit to anything and if caught make a deal without any admission of guilt.


In my opinion based on a recent letter sent to me from my sister Marlo Thomas (dated 02-17-12) reads to me that she actually believes any readers of these sites are extremely stupid.

She believes that even after reading everything on these sites every person who reads this news would be so ignorant and lack the mental capacity to compute the facts and come to the same conclusion as I have stated here in my words. Though based on the response from you, the readers of these sites, this is not the case as I have read your emails and you seem to have understood everything. 
Unfortunately for Marlo Thomas I have collected much of the evidence she had tried so hard to hide and to give these words of mine credence I have placed enough of these facts here on the pages of these sites.

 On these sites I make some very strong accusations of serious nature against some extremely well known names, however these accusations are backed by undisputed facts placed here on these sites.

On these sites I make some very strong accusations of serious nature against some extremely well known names such as my sister Marlo Thomas, however these accusations are backed by undisputed facts and placed here on these sites.  

These sites are long only because they contain so much information. Bits and pieces of hard facts have been collected and added throughout the past 7 years as the knowledge has come to light. When this information is compiled as has been done here on these sites it spells out one of the closest kept secrets in the history of Hollywood entertainment.   


The driving force behind this site and the books which have been written is my son and the quest to right the wrong which was done to him at the hands of those mentioned here in my words.

While my son lay dying on life support at the age of 20 months old my half sister Marlo Thomas and brother Anthony Charles Thomas began a series of immoral, unethical and criminal actions which brought great harm to him, this was done for their own narcissistic sociopath needs.

Here you will learn the truth of a great American family, the real truth, the truth they don’t want you to know.

This site is to help anyone who cares to learn the truth about one of America’s elite families and just how shameful they truly are.


My complete words are backed by the truth and placed here for you to read. Legal transcripts and documents are posted here to back those words, words that will never be challenged without sever consequences by those attempting to do so.


Some of Marlo’s closest friends have themselves called me the most honorable and admirable person they have ever met which included Marlo herself as well as Danny Thomas for they know just how much I gave away in order to help those who could not help themselves by protecting the Saint Jude Children’s Hospital.

Even Marlo’s sister, daughter to Marlo’s Godmother, admired me and spoke well of me as you can see from her own words in her last letter to me just days before she died of cancer. This letter is posted in the Coincidence section, her profession was a psychiatrist.


Before you begin reading about the Marlo Thomas you never knew take a look at the most recent added page marked Dailies II posted 03-10-12


There are some people who suffer so other’s can have  andmany      people are not who you may think they are.This is something I know all to well as I have witnessed first hand some of the worst acts humanity can dish out.You to will come to understand through the reading of these three sites just how true these words are.

            I have been told by many that this story needs to be , it has to be, it must   must be told.

So over the years I built this site to do just that, tell the story. This site will help shed some bright light on the true Marlo Thomas. You will be shocked, this I guarantee. For the acts I speak of are so opposite of the sweet on screen persona Marlo Thomas casts.


This story is incredible as written by one attorney, and you will have a chance to read this statement. On the right are tabs which will take you to pages of material, some legal , some medical and although this is only a small part of the information which has been collected over the decades it is enough in itself to legally substantiate my words.


Now you might just be asking yourself what’s all this got to do with Danny Thomas and Marlo Thomas. For this you’ll just need to read further.


         This site is a precursor to two books I have written which tells

   the true story of the beginning of television entertainment and one of its most              

   famous families.
There is one other site connected with this one

 At that site you can read such things as how Danny Thomas actually died and an overlay picture of those pictures that you see below that you must see.
In the event that you would like to email me you may do so,

These sites have become so popular that all of the Google search queries have put this site on the first search page of many requests for Marlo Thomas and related topics. Almost anytime the term Marlo is searched one of these sites comes up first.



               Above are two pictures one of Danny Thomas and myself.  

                                Below are overlays of
same pictures.

        These overlays have been published on the other site for many years 
               I brought them to this site for easier access to compare.



            (What has been done here is to take the side by side pictures
of my father and me shown above and while keeping them the same size copy them onto clear plastic.  
I then had them placed one on top of the other to see the results.

What came next was more incredible then I ever expected.


On the left side is picture of me over the picture of Danny Thomas.On the right side is the picture of Danny Thomas over my picture. 

This was done at a professional photography store and when the results came through the staff was in awe at the perfect match.
They stated how they had never seen anything like this before, two different people matching like this, almost impossible they said, if they hadn’t seen it they would not have believed it. 

I assure you there has never been any alteration to either picture. The one picture of my father was taken from the cover of his book that anyone can see online and the one of me is raw, only the contrast was cleared up on both.) 
The only noticeable difference on these overlays is man made, this being the teeth. At that time I had a bridge and I believe my father had the same as well. 

The attitude of my readers so far is they believe the odds of two individuals not being father and son, not being twin brothers or not even being related and still matching to this precision is staggering, in fact they say “I doubt it could even ever happen.”  

You can do the same test yourself and you’ll arrive with the same results, just copy the pictures onto clear plastic and place them over each other as I had done. 

These two pictures were taken when we were both about the same age though some 40 years apart. They were taken by 2 different photographers and 2 completely different types of camera set ups, one being digital and the other being film.  

Despite all of the different elements such as camera, lighting, photographers, settings, developing, and most importantly the subjects, these two individual pictures are so close in comparison that to be able to simply lay one on top of the other without any alteration at all and obtain the image you see here is absolutely amazing. 

These two pictures matching as they do are as incredible as this complete true story.  
When the photographer took the picture of me he simply took a few pictures in a matter of 15 minutes.
They were all very similar however he took one look at the picture of me that you see here and said, “that’s a perfect match”, so I used the one you see here.
He said it wasn’t difficult at all because you look just like him.  

I now hear it all the time, almost daily, as viewers state how we look so much alike that we could be twins, some even say they thought the pictures, (not the overlays,) were of the same person.  

When you take the similarities of the two pictures along with the strong image in the overlays and then add in just the mere amount of physical and legal evidence which I have listed on these sites you now have an extremely compelling account of what actually occurred.  

You have the truth of my words.  

Christopher D Thomas 


On these sites I pull no punches. I tell all sides of this story. To be fare and honest I placed their side, which does not flatter me at all and then you’ll read the true facts. These facts, the true facts I speak of have now been proven in court under sworn testimony to be true, some of the transcripts are here on these sites.


Here are a few pages from the tabs on the right. By reading these pages in conjunction with the few pages your reading now you will have a greater understanding as to what this is about.

By reading these few pages in this order the whole story will now make sense but I would suggest reading column A then B then C. These pages are brief.


             A                                              B                                                 C


Marlo paid no tabloids            Kyler life support                    no tabloids pg 2         

John Gregory 5 line 18            Kyler life support pg 2            no tabloids why

John Gregory 2                        Kyler support pg 3                  Thomas letter for court

John Gregory 3                        the sacrificed child       



Now your ready to understand the next set, first the actual letter. It was this letter that Marlo created to cast extreme doubt on my book and it was this letter which proved to be her downfall.
When Marlo found out I was writting a book about the family she sent detectives to find my estranged mother who once finding her paid her money to co-write a letter for court which was designed to dispute my book.
Marlo concocted a story that my mother had been raped and that my father was a rapist. Unfortunatly for them when it came time for court my mother had forgot the lie and told a completly different rape version. This explains the two completly different rape stories. A women would never forget a thing like rape. 


Since Marlo wrote this letter my mother could not remember what it said subsequently when my mother was in court she created a completely different version of rape. So now you have two different versions of rape.  




Think on this for one moment, on Marlo Paid No Tabloids, you’ll see where they offered money to my mother to not go to the tabloids.

First, my mother never turned down money in her life so when she say’s offered you know she took the money , once again selling her son and now a disabled grandson.


Second and more important, Why would anyone continue to offer money to someone to keep something from the tabloids when that person already states it’s not true?


 The rape never did happen. The truth is my mother became pregnant with Danny Thomas’ child , that child had to be hid which they did, that child grew and now they had to distance themselves. 


         A                                                 B                                                


The actual letter                     second rape story                         

The letter pg 2                        second rape story pg 2

The letter pg 3


I also suggest you take this link    www.claudiaokeefe .com       and read the pages marked Marlo, her last page Marlo 5 is most impressive. Here you will read Marlo at her best in her own words. In her own words she threatens to kill or pay anybody who would write a book about her.


So now you have an idea as to what you’re reading on these beginning pages.

I like the coincidence pages, they’re also interesting to read.



Before I begin I would like to say that Marlo Thomas is a powerful woman and if it were anybody other then me making these statements they would be in court extremely fast , however Marlo Thomas knows the outcome would be dire for her if she ever did though I do hope someday she will choose to proceed as such.


These sites have been up for more then 7 years and she has yet to disclaim my statements, my money say’s she never will.

I can tell you this, Marlo is one of my most avid readers of both sites where she on a daily average visits 8 times.




O’k, so I promised the true story


Can you imagine most of what you see on television or the stars you’ve come to know actually not being there, it could’ve happened. Most of what television is today is owed to one man, Danny Thomas. In the early 1950s Danny Thomas, then entertainer , was hired to develop television programming. By the late 50s he had 2 top shows and in 1960 he made television history with the creation of the spin off, that spin off being Make Room For Daddy into The Andy Griffith Show. This was the true birth of television and the television star as we now know them to be.

From Andy Griffith we saw several careers start, Ron Howard for one. Little Oppie turned out to become one of the great movie producers/directors and bringing with this a whole host of stars.

In 1960 there were two other major incidents which happened, one of them being the ground breaking for the Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis which has grown to become the number 1 children’s hospital in the world.

The second was a mistake, a child was born. But this wasn’t just any child, this was the son of Danny Thomas, the out of wedlock bastard son of a man committing adultery.


Public knowledge of this son could not be. In 1960, more then 50 years ago times were much different then today. If the public had found out about this child in 1960 then Danny Thomas would have been exonerated from Hollywood instead of becoming the head of television.

For starters in 1960 just 5 months after the birth of this child the Andy Griffith Show made history. If Danny Thomas had been sent packing then no Andy Griffith Show and no Ron Howard which means no blockbuster movies by Ron Howard and the many stars he launched. 

By becoming the head of television Danny Thomas made the careers of so many.

So many owe their careers to Danny Thomas but in reality, they owe it to that innocent child who suffered only so they could have.

Careers such as Mary Tyler Moor and Aaron Spelling just to name a couple. These two went on to become giants and Aaron Spelling became the wealthiest man in Beverly Hills as a result of Danny Thomas.


None of this would have ever happened if not for the hiding of this child.

Here's just another example of what would have never been.

The Miami Dolphins. That's right the NFL football team. Danny Thomas was the original owner of the Dolphins. If the public had heard of me then out goes Danny Thomas and no Dolphines. The team was founded by my father in 1965. The child was just 5 years old when he brought him a football signed by all the original team members, his mother sold it with all his other things without his knowledge.


Another star that would never have been is in fact Marlo Thomas herself. Marlo likes to think she made her own career however everybody knows that if it weren’t for Danny Thomas then Marlo never would have made it.

This hidden child, her brother,the one she hates so much merely for being alive is the person who suffered so she could have the life she lived and what you read here is how she returns the favor, she owes the life she has lived and the success she has had as an actress to this brother and she returns the favor by almost killing his son, her nephew by her deeds. 

I read it one time that Marlo Thomas was among the top 400 wealthiest womenin the world. All owed to the suffering of this sacrificed child, her brother.


Over the years many would work in unison with people like Marlo Thomas to cover up the existence of her half brother Christopher. Just one for instance was a West Virginia State Senator from the same state as the Congressmen who had nominated Danny Thomas for the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian award.


Bottom line this child had to be hid or hundreds of careers if not thousands would either never be or would be destroyed. So he was hid away.


His mother was paid to keep quite and never say a thing. She is of the worst of people. There wasn’t a thing she wouldn’t do for money including the selling of her own son.

So after taking the money she married a man who beat this child daily. She allowed this to continue for he said he would leave if he couldn’t do as he pleased.

She was worried that if he left who would feed her, so this child took the abuse so she could eat.


This abuse went on day after day for 10 long years until one day he divorced her.

After this she went to her son and told him who he was and now wanted him to go to his father and get money. The son refused.


Danny had visited his son at times until this son was about 8 however this child was told this man was like an uncle, a friend of the family and that’s all he knew of him.


The next day while the child was at school she went to the court, released custody of her son to the state and moved. When Christopher came home the house was empty with only a note and $6.00 in change. The note said, have a good life.


At 13, this child, after being beat everyday for 10 years was on the street and alone.


At 13 this boy was all alone without a home although his father owned the biggest house in Beverly Hills, alone without food or money although his father was the wealthiest man in Beverly Hills and nobody to help him although he had 2 families.


Alone, homeless and scared that’s how this little boy was when he made the most generous offer a person has ever possibly made. He chose to remain hidden away in the woods or were ever he could find shelter to sleep rather then expose who he was and hurt the children of Saint Jude Hospital.

This coming from a 13 year old boy is extremely magnanimous.



This went on for years and he never exposed himself. Eventually he grew into manhood and had two children of his own.

It was the first son of his which changed the world for the Thomas family. I won’t get into that right now but you can read about this on the other site and opening the tab “how Danny really died”


It’s the second son of Christopher that built the reason to tell this complete story.

The second book to be released is titled, The Sacrificed Child and even though the story is about the son of Danny Thomas who was hidden it is not he who the title is suggesting.


It was the second son, Kyler, who was the sacrificed child which the title makes reference too.


Kyler was born as a full term healthy child and had been growing at a rate which is expected for a child until one day.

It was this day that changed the lives forever of all those involved and now shows the actual true nature of Marlo Thomas.


This child was dying and on life support, he was the grandson of Danny Thomas and he needed help.

If you have read the pages mentioned above then you have read about the Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA and the letter written to Marlo Thomas expressing the urgent need for information which could have saved this infants life but her cold hearted  behavior and the need to cover this up prevailed over this child’s life and what followed must be the most despicable act I have ever witnessed.


( I will interject for a moment. If a person came to you and said a very ill child who is quite possibly your nephew needed help wouldn’t you first try to find out if in fact this was true and if so assist in anyway you could, yes most people would. Not Marlo, Marlo ran the other way, the way the guilty often do.)   


Without this assistance the child’s outcome would be extremely bleak and with it he could have lived a better life.

Chris even contacted the Saint Jude Children’s Hospital the very same hospital he sacrificed his life for, he was turned away.

It seems the no child turned away policy of the Saint Jude Children’s Hospital didn’t apply to the grandson of the founder of this hospital.

Not one time in his life did he ever ask for anything from his family until now and this request wasn’t for himself but for a small child who was dying.

His cries for help went unanswered even though he gave his life for this hospital.


The child never receiving all the proper medical attention he needed continued to suffer for many years with complete paralysis and blindness.



After watching his son suffer for over 7 years Chris wrote a book about his life including the saga about his son’s condition. He presented a portion of this work to the Thomas family in order to get their input and what followed next was a series of criminal actions perpetrated by Marlo Thomas and her brother Tony Thomas producer of many shows such as The Golden Girls.

In fact it was one of his shows, Soap, which produced one of the great entertainers of today, Billy Crystal.

Remember I said without Danny Thomas many celebrities would not have been.
 Without Danny Thomas no Tony Thomas and therefore no Billy Crystal.


Aside from these actions being immorally disturbing they are criminal in nature.

The statute of limitations for these crimes have probably elapsed but these crimes are strong enough that I have read about cases where a charged has been sentenced 10 years for just one of these crimes.

It wasn’t just the criminal actions but rather more so the immoral actions I believe Marlo is ashamed of or at the very least should be. Although from what I know about my half sister Marlo and from what you can read on the pages titled Marlo located on the other site I’m sure she has little to no discomfort over these deeds.


So you guessed it, I’m that kid and it was my life that paid the price so that thousands could have. I have made wonderful lives for so many and they don’t even know who I am.


So many in the television industry from the grip and set builder to the writers like Carl Reinor and now Rob Reiner on up to the producers like Aaron Spelling and an actors list of who’s who.

Then there’s the children, my little half sister on my mother’s side ,Lisa, wrote me one time thinking how I must want to throw a brick through the TV every time I saw a Saint Jude commercial.

I replied that I just watch and think how great it is that so many have benefited from my pain and suffering but at the same time I almost cry, actually have tears, that my own son who has and still is suffering from a catastrophic illness was turned away, at Marlo’s request,  from the very place I suffered for.  

In my life I often wondered why I still live, I finally figured it out, I live to see what a day of complete happiness would be like. One day maybe but while my son is ill I don’t think so.


Recently there have been a rash of these kids, the same as me. Few years back there was Jon Edwards. He was married, had an affair and fathered a child. He had to keep this child quiet, He was going to be ( in his eye’s ) the President of the USA.



Just recently Arnold Schwarzenegger has now come out with the revelation that he fathered a child 10 years ago.

He hid this child for his own personal agenda , political and professional .

I heard it said on MSNBC by one citizen during a street poll, I would take my vote back if I knew about this when I voted.

Even in today’s modern world people are disgusted at the fact that a person would be so ashamed of their own acts that they hurt a child and hide this child because of their own shame.

Imagine what shame this child feels, has lived with and will grow up with.

These are the actions I speak of on these sites.

This pain is what I have had to live with through out my life, alone , and without family.




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